Intelligent AI to remember conversations with your patients across all digital platforms. 

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Automate and simplify the process of delivering healthcare services online with conversational AI. Enable 24*7 conversations with your patients on WhatsApp. 

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Conversational AI Features For Healthcare 

Optimize Patient Support Online 
  • Booking doctors’ appointments 

  • 24*7 patient query support 

  • Clarify symptom-related questions 

  • Inform about the hospital admission process 

Enhance Every Patient’s Experience 
  • Online healthcare consultation 

  • Prescription & appointment reminders 

  • Give treatment details 

  • Recommend health equipment & tips 

Address Medical Emergencies Faster 
  • Enable instant bot-to-human conversation handover 

  • Personalize conversations for accurate assistance 

  • Offer text and voice assistance to patients 

  • Provide instant ambulance booking facility 

Increase patient leads online 
  • Let AI capture and qualify leads 24*7 

  • Send drip messages on WhatsApp 

  • View leads as Hot, Warm, and Cold 

  • Nurture with AI-powered marketing 

Benefits With ORAI

Geo Tagging of the Leads
Lead Filtration like valid and Invalid Email and Phone number
Lead Prioritization
like Hot, Warm and Cold
24/7 Conversation BOT/ Assistance
Build Marketing Campaigns around Trending Keywords
Increase the Productivity of Healthcare Consultants
Single Robotic Virtual Assistance
Voice Search and Voice conversation

Platform / Channel Integrations

ORAI can connect 15+ platforms

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chatbot?

Chatbots is a computer technology used to enable communication between machines and humans via voice, text, gestures, and touch. It makes conversations instant and available 24*7.

What is the difference between Chatbot and AI Chatbot?

AI chatbots are more conversational than generic chatbots. The AI, NLP, and ML technology improve the ability of an AI bot to understand human emotions and intents to provide a best-suited user experience.

What is NLP?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a valuable technology used in AI chatbots to allow machines to segment sentences, phrases, and words to easily understand the meaning of what a human is saying.

Is ORAI a Chatbot or AI Chatbot?

ORAI is a humanized, AI-enabled conversational chatbot.

What is a Healthcare chatbot?

ORAI has an AI-enabled Healthcare Chatbot ready to enhance the quality of patient care you provide online. Our conversational AI delivers instant patient support 24*7 in a humanized manner.

What are the benefits of an AI Chatbot for a healthcare provider?

With ORAI’s AI chatbot, you can automate patient query support at any scale. Every patient can receive personalized assistance online on your website, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other digital channel.

What are the major features of ORAI’s Healthcare Chatbot?

ORAI’s Healthcare Chatbot ensures Patient Query Support, Doctor’s Appointment Booking, Treatment Details, Patient Lead Prioritization, and intelligent interactions across all chat platforms

Who would build the healthcare chatbot for me?

We have AI/ML/NLP experts who have a thorough understanding of healthcare-related communication and marketing. They will ensure perfection while deploying, integrating, and managing the AI chatbot for your healthcare organization.

What are the Software systems on which the healthcare chatbot can be integrated?

ORAI is easy to integrate with all software systems such as Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, Nopaperforms, Leadsquad, Extraedge, Google, Salesforce, and more.

How can healthcare chatbot get me more information on the Request?

Whenever a patient requests for information, our AI bot responds with the correct answer. However, a patient can even ask to connect with a human consultant, which is when the AI instantly allows the available consultant to join the conversation.

How can ORAI help me increase my healthcare business?

With our AI chatbot, you can bring automation to your patient outreach & engagement strategy. You’ll be able to find and manage more patients online.

How’s ORAI beneficial for my healthcare lead generation/qualification?

While ORAI connects with prospective patients, it divides them into a list of Hot, Warm, and Cold patient leads in no time lapse. Hence, you can prioritize while following up with patients.

Can ORAI help me use WhatsApp for Patient Outreach and Engagement?

ORAI has brought patient outreach and engagement to WhatsApp, the most popular messaging platform today. We provide you with a WhatsApp Verified Account and integrate it with ORAI to enable automated and live chat altogether.

Can ORAI give me a demo for free?

You can request a FREE DEMO from us. Our experts will show you the features and explain multiple use cases for your healthcare business.


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