AI Chatbot
Travel & Hospitality 

Made to remember your guests and travelers across all digital channels. 

Oshi AI chatbot for hotel giving automated reply to visitor query

Use conversational AI for smart interactions online with travelers and guests 

and impress them with exceptional assistance and services. Integrate with all digital platforms including WhatsApp. 

Conversational AI Smart Features For Travel & Hospitality  

Collect Feedback & Ratings 
  • Identify happy customers automatically  

  • Ask for reviews and ratings in a friendly way 

  • Increase brand reputation online 

  • Enhance word-of-mouth 

Integrate At All Touchpoints 
  • Integrate with website, WhatsApp, FB Messenger etc. 

  • Provide seamless interactions across all channels 

  • Drive-up your engagement rate 

  • Save operational costs 

Personalize Interactions 
  • Send pre-arrival messages 

  • Send in-flight/in-hotel messages 

  • Send post-flight/post-stay messages 

  • Build long-term relationships 

Answer Enquiries Instantly  
  • 24*7 query support 

  • Intent-based answers 

  • Instantaneous bot-to-human handover 

  • Quick problem solution 

Automate Bookings
  • Flight and hotel room availability info 

  • Automate price and service comparisons 

  • Save time for guests and your team 

  • Reduce business costs by up to 25% 

Talk In Any Language 
  • Multilingual AI-powered virtual assistance 

  • Make guests/travelers comfortable  

  • Increase conversion rate 

  • Improve brand recall 

Chatbots Work 24/7

Save Your Business In These Troubled Times! 

ORAI’s industry-specific chatbots have made a wide range of customer communication activities simpler and result-driven for business owners in travel and hospitality industries. 

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