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How Technology Advancement Combats Future Growth?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Chapter: 1

Not long ago, I was pessimistic about the way the future #technology transformations were taking place until we got locked down. Suddenly, the work halted as we strive to combat a #Pandemic, and I started believing that humankind and business will run out of cash and customers.

Today, when I talk about this being one of the worst periods in the history of humankind, this is not less than a world war. When we overcome the biggest challenge of today, we will enter the era of technology disruption and destruction.

I have spent a good amount of my years researching the advancement of technology in making the life of humankind more productive and luxurious. And the deeper we get to know them, the better and the various possibilities are explored, from access to new tools and technology to the ability of AI controlling us.

The distant future is no longer distant today. It is truly fascinating to see the technological possibilities with AI, Google cars, Tesla driverless cars, etc. This is the age of rapid technology development.

On the other hand, digital assistants are driving conversations better than humans, and the power of connected devices is enabling quick communication on unified platforms.

As I converse with entrepreneurs and global technology disruptors, AI-enabled technology can do wonders with predictive analyses visualizing the future. The AI shift is resulting in a massive positive impact on businesses, even though we face the COVID-19 crises.

In my next article, I will give you a glimpse into the future and we'll discuss some of the advancements of technology like conversational AI impacting humankind and enterprises. As a disruptive entrepreneur, I am thrilled to talk about the new possibilities in technology disruption which have the power to change our lives.

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Performance Amplifier 🤙, Swapnil Jain has a vast experience of 17+ years and is a proficient all-rounder when it comes to Product Evangelism, Project Management, Seed Investments, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Speaker and Tech-Evangelism. He is a CEO at ORAI ROBOTICS, Co-founder at FMA Digital (an Edu-tech digital company), and Director, Adoption of Social Media in Academia (ASMA) a person of utmost optimism who strives for constant innovation in the world of Business Transformation, Digital Adoption and Artificial Intelligence.

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