ORAI is a

AI based Robotic

Virtual Assistant

for your University and Colleges

ORAI Robotic Virtual Assistant for various campus functions


ORAI can integrate with your branding and marketing communication over various channels


ORAI can broadcast messages and engage prospects in storytelling, AI trained - robotic virtual assistant 


ORAI Virtual Robotic Assistant can help drive your institutions productivity in a number of ways that you might not have expected


ORAI can engages with the prospective students and automatically create appointments with counsellors and campus visits



We have implemented ORAI in our university and have seen huge impact the way prospective students started interaction with university.  There are many other benefits ORIA brings to us, this is the future and we totally liked it. 

Marketing Director 

International University, India

ORAI can help you qualify or disqualify enquiries even before it goes to CRM as a lead