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The ORAI Robotic Virtual Assistant  helps Schools, Colleges and University to transform the way students interact with them over the website or on social media. 

health care

AI-enabled Virtual Assistant holds the ability to transform the healthcare industry at every level, whether it is sending primary care details or health-related FAQs.


AI-Powered Virtual Assistant to improve the customer experience for automotive dealerships. Whether it is enquiring about a new model or notifying about new offers.


AI-enabled Virtual Assistant eases the process of running an e-commerce business and makes the experience richer at all customer touchpoints. 

Real estate

AI-enabled Virtual Assistant allows real estate agencies to cut down customer expenses while increasing their satisfaction by 50%.

lead generation

Capture, Qualify and Nurture more leads using AI-Powered Virtual Assistant. Today's customers want 1:1 attention and need to gain trust before sharing an email address.

Benefits With ORAI

Geo Tagging of the Leads
Increase the Productivity of Sales Team.
Lead Filtration like valid and Invalid Email and Phone number
Build Marketing Campaigns around Trending Keywords
Lead Prioritization
like Hot, Warm and Cold
Voice Search and Voice conversation
24/7 Conversation BOT/ Assistance
Single Robotic Virtual Assistance

ORAI Robotic Virtual Assistant Core Features

In Marketing
  • Improves the Conversion Ratio by 50 -200%

  • Converts Static Landing pages to Interactive Landing Pages

  • Live Application filling and Payment Support

  • Integrate all marketing sources at centralized place

Lead Qualification
  • Identify quality leads

  • AI algorithm automatically filter HOT, Warm and Cold leads from 1000's of untouched leads

  • ORAI algorithm automatically Identifies Valid & In-Valid email and Phone numbers

  • Automatically qualify interested lead from High volume of enquiries

leads Assignment
  • Automatically assigns leads to respective counsellors / telecallers

  • If the query is unanswered by ORAI, automatically the telecaller team is assigned and the notification is sent over various channels (email, phone browser)

  • ORAI saves institutions administrators and counsellors time to tackle more complicated tasks

visitor Digital Experience
  • Gets answering to questions about registration, application, payments, medical help etc 24x7

  • Students buddy for during and after campus life 

  • ORAI Provide personalized, consistent, and efficient attention to all the students one on one

CRM Integrations
  • ORAI can help you qualify or disqualify enquiry before it goes to CRM as a lead

  • API integration available with most of the existing universities CRM's

  • Rule based routing to your CRM users / counsellors

  • ORAI AI Algorithm Increases 50-200% quality before lead is created in CRM

ERP / Legacy System Integration
  • ORAI can get integrated with institutions ERP or Legacy systems and access required information.

  • Information about Assignment dates , due dates etc

  • Find results, just say your unique number and your results will be displayed

Platform / Channel Integrations

ORAI can connect 15+ platforms

Customer journey mapping


ORAI is easy to integrate across all your channels where you want to brand and market your business.


ORAI’s conversational AI can engage your prospects and broadcast messages using its storytelling techniques.


ORAI Robotic Virtual Assistant can help drive your productivity in a number of ways that you might not have expected


ORAI ensures customer engagement at a deeper level and creates appointments for customers with your sales team and schedules visits automatically.  

Technology Integrations










Conversational AI for Businesses

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We have implemented ORAI in our university and have seen a huge impact on the way prospective students started interacting with us. There are many other benefits ORAI brings to us, this is the future and we totally like it. 

Marketing Director 

International University, India

ORAI will qualify and filter inquiries to send only relevant leads to your CRM

who are we?

We are orai robotics

orai robotics is a Performance Amplifier

with robotic and ai at its core.

We, at ORAI, believe that technology reaches its best with human intervention. Our conversational AI has been conceptualized and designed by a team of experts who specialize in Robotics,   

Design Thinking, AI, ML, Digital Marketing, Education, Animation, and more


We at ORAI ROBOTICS live and breathe making ORAI Robotic Virtual Assistant more intelligent and passionate about building bots that can truly connect and engage with humans as virtual humans.


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