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WhatsApp - ERP/SAP integration

Streamline Dealer's/Retailers/Vendor queries

Automate query support for your vendors, dealers, or retailers with WhatsApp ERP/SAP integration


  • Accelerate Performance with ERP/SAP - WhatsApp integration.

  • Communicate with your Vendors on Verified WhatsApp. 

  • Resolve dealer's queries on their WhatsApp with real-time ERP/SAP updates on ORAI Integrated Platform. 

  • Bi-directional API access between ERP/SAP and Verified WhatsApp through ORAI prebuilt integrated platform.

What are the Business 

business challenges

Enterprises’ Customer Support Teams struggling with increasing in-efficiencies and hampered relations. Dealers/Vendors/Retailers need information on the tip and 24x7 on mobile devices.   

ORAI Conversational AI Platform Integration with ERP/SAP combined with productivity-rich WhatsApp Business API as a channel to deliver the innovative business solution for Dealers/Vendors/Retailers. 

What's a Technological 

Technological Solution

What'S the


Reduced Customer Support team cost, effort and TAT.  Customers Experience faster query resolution and shorter TAT. 

Automation with 24x7 self-service bot with Verified WhatsApp API. 

Dealers / Vendors / Retailers can access their information from WhatsApp anywhere, anytime and get all their queries resolved automatically. 


View an example of the ORAI platform you may need for the below use case. 


Query from Dealers WhatsApp to Business WhatsApp

  • Order Details  

  • Raise Complain  

  • Complain Status  

  • Browse the bill of materials 

  • Create Purchase Order  

  • Payment History  

  • Dispatch status  

Queries from Dealer to Business (on WhatsApp) 

Replies from Business to Dealers (on Verified WhatsApp) 

  • Send Order Updates 

  • Send Payment Reminders 

  • Goods Movement Alerts  

  • Invoice Dispatch (PDF)  

  • Monthly Payment Reminder 

  • Collection Summary  

  • New Product launch updates  

Business Use Cases and Scenarios

Empower your Business 

​Automate business process on WhatsApp using Official Business APIs and ORAI’s Conversational AI Platform  

API's & Integration 

Explore a set of APIs from ORAI.  

​ORAI can help you integrate all of your CRM, ERP, on-premise, cloud and third-party systems with WhatsApp Business API. ORAI’s APIs and integration services give you a platform to integrate your applications, support your API building ecosystem, and integrate your dealers/customer's data within and outside of ERP/SAP systems. 

Raise the Maturity level of
Dealers' Experience 

Transforming new standards and the maturity level of businesses helps to accelerate your digital touchpoints and ensures a seamless customer experience. 

Modernize your business in a conversation-driven economy with the power of AI.

ORAI Implementation led to
Enhanced Business Outcomes  

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning helps the Customer Support team save time with a 20% boost in automated queries resolved over WhatsApp. 


  • Improve Collection with timely vendor invoice data. 


  • Gain better control over Vendors with Personalization.  


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