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WhatsApp chatbot for business 

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WhatsApp Business API for
notification & conversation
Say Yes, to WhatsApp Business Chatbot with ORAI and automate your
customer engagements

Maximize your reach by integrating WhatsApp Business API with  ORAI Conversational AI platform

amplify your communication with customers

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Send Instant Message

Send your customers instant automated messages respond to questions and provide support instantaneously.

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Share Rich Media

Allowing Interactive Communication through Text, Audio, Video and Document delivery

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Strike a conversation with your audience by interacting with them in their native language. 40+ languages supported.

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Incorporate AI Chatbots

Developed for providing a Professional Service by featuring Chatbot, Smart Routing. 

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Multiple Login

Create Multiple user login accounts. Each with its own login credentials. Let Multiple users sign in at the same time.

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 Absolute API Integration

Connect with CRM, ERP or any

backend applications with


Whatsapp + ORAI’s AI Platform 

Enhance your customer experience by integrating WhatsApp business API with ORAI and create a transformational WhatsApp Chatbot.

Multiply Lead Conversions

WhatsApp Chatbots for Business is efficient to draw very high open rates and are highly capable of converting your leads to sales.  


two-way communication

With ORAI AI Virtual Assistant integration, send instant response to your customers' queries automatically round the clock.

Higher customer engagement rate

Bots for WhatsApp allows you to connect with your customer directly within the platform, thus shooting up engagement rate. 

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Personalized Messaging

Avail the benefit to send targeted messages with WhatsApp chatbot for business. Simply send delivery updates, booking reminders, invoices etc. through your business profile.

Enhance customer experience (CX) 

Rich media, instant response, 24*7 uptime and a very natural interface takes your customer experience to next level and help retain customers for long.

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WhatsApp OTP Verification 

Authenticate WhatsApp Number and confirm user identity directly through WhatsApp OTP Verification feature. 

Why you need WhatsApp Chatbot Integration for your Business? 




Reach your customers instantly via web, mobile and messaging

  • Easy connect with your customers through WhatsApp API integration 

  • WhatsApp Green Badge access signifying a lifetime verified number for your business 

  • Verified message delivery from your WhatsApp chatbot account. 

  • Automated two-way conversational marketing through bots for WhatsApp 

  • WhatsApp business chatbot ensures wider interfaces for planning and execution of mass ad/messaging campaigns  

Now You can Use WhatsApp business API For 
Drip Campaigns!

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Want your prospective & existing customers to feel engaged to increase the existing lead conversion ratio?

Send them personalized, time-based messages via WhatsApp through automated drip campaigns!

ORAI has made drip campaigns possible on WhatsApp business API to leverage the 98% message open rate on this platform. Your personalized messages regarding your product, services, tips, and assistance will keep your customers engaged. As a result with the WhatsApp chatbot, you will experience higher numbers of sales and better customer loyalty.

  • Qualify leads- Help confused customers with useful information to qualify leads.

  • Nurture with follow-ups- Encourage prospects towards buying decisions with consistent, friendly follow-ups.

  • Cost-efficient marketing- Give minimal time and money to generate maximum returns.

  • Improve brand popularity- Become a memorable brand name with personalized WhatsApp engagement.


It’s not only fast but seamless in terms of customer experience.

RAise your Sales
3x times
Less Waiting
Reduce Costs with Automation
Create Unique Chat Solutions
Automate FAQs With artificial Intelligence


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