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Real Estate is one of those industries where communication plays a vital role. Not all people who contact real estate agencies are qualified leads that will buy/rent a property. Consequently, many real estate brokers waste their time answering the same questions from people who would never return for purchase.


This is where ORAI virtual assistant comes in handy. By implementing ORAI virtual assistant powered by AI, agencies can not only qualify leads and send follow-ups, but also improve engagement and increase sales.

Why ORAI’s Real Estate AI Chatbot is a must for you right now?

Buy, sell & rent a property 

Prospects land on your website for general information or to buy, sell and rent property and they have a lot of questions that can be wearying and tedious process for an executive or an agent. Let your chatbot help your prospects in buying, selling and renting property. 

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Increase in qualified leads 

Available round the clock, ORAI chatbot will make sure your users are getting what they need, where they need while qualifying them at the same time. You will not miss out on any leads during non-business hours. 

Multichannel Support

Interact with your prospects where they are. While Oshi AI Virtual Assistant is live on your website/landing page, you can also interact with your customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Email etc and generate more leads. 

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Schedule Property Visits

Once the lead has moved further down the sales funnel, Oshi AI Chatbot can schedule property visits and facilitate the introduction of the client and agent.

360-degree virtual tours

Your prospects can take a quick virtual tour through the bot itself without wasting any time.

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It’s highly powerful and a swift way of offering customer experience.


AI-powered Lead Prioritization like Hot, Warm and Cold 


Gather popular keywords to use in getting a marketing campaign ready.


ORAI's integrated platform allows geo tagging of the leads

Engage & Qualify Better, 24x7

Engage and qualify better, 24x7 with the leads generated by various sources like Magicbricks, 99 Acres, JustDial and other sources

engage, nurture and convert

ORAI’s conversational AI automates the process of engaging, nurturing, and converting leads into

property sales.

5x Conversion

Conversational Marketing Leads Convert 5X Higher than Traditional Marketing 

Improve PPC
Conversion Rate

Landing Pages powered by ORAI engages buyers into dialogs and improves PPC Conversion Rate by



Automated Lead Filtration like valid and Invalid Email and Phone number 

Engage Property Buyers through WhatsApp Drip Campaigns

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Looking for the best way to engage property buyers with relevant information to enhance real estate lead conversions?

How about running drip campaign on WhatsApp that involves sending automated, highly personalized messages in a pre-defined sequence based on time and customer behavior!

You can do that with ORAI’s exclusive WhatsApp drip campaign feature to get 70 percent better engagement than emails. Your campaigns can involve information regarding properties, documentation, amenities, dates of visits, and relevant reminders specific to every prospect. This will help you enhance the property buying experience for sure!

  • Sell More Properties- Assist confused buyers in making their property buying decisions.

  • Follow-up Every time, on-time- Engage every prospect at all stages of real estate buying. 

  • Optimize Marketing Efforts- Save your marketing cost and time with automated WhatsApp drip campaigns. 

  • Increase Word of Mouth- Satisfied customers will spread your business name out there.


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