WhatsApp Drip Campaign

Automate a Prospect’s Journey for Successful Conversion

Drip campaign lets you engage customers with a series of messages. Though the messages are automated, you can still make them personalized and relevant to every customer. 

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WhatsApp Drip Campaign
Why You Need It?

Sales Closure 
Higher Response
Message Readability in 
First 3 Seconds
Sales Funnel 
Click Through 
Reduction in Manpower & 
Effort Cost 

never heard of drip campaigns?
Here's a Glimpse

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Have you ever searched for a product on Amazon and left the website without buying? Then, you must have seen a series of emails coming your way relevant to the products you searched for. So, if you browse grooming products, grooming tips come to your Email’s inbox. Similarly, you receive several emails when you open an app or a site after some time. Such messages require no manual labor. Customers receive them in an automated sequence, based on user actions and/or specific timelines. The whole approach is called a Drip Campaign.  

“In a nutshell, drip campaigns are messages delivered to customers and prospects in a systematic manner, based on a timeline or user actions.”

Why Use WhatsApp for Drip Campaign?

On WhatsApp, a message’s CTR and read ratio is 70% higher than what you get through emails. You can maximize the results of a drip campaign on WhatsApp, powered by ORAI.

With a drip campaign, you can send automated messages via WhatsApp to engage customers on a deeper level. This way, your ability to close sales increases by 20%, while the sales funnel improves by up to 60%.

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Business Perks of
WhatsApp Drip Campaign

every 'No' can become
a 'Yes' in sales

It’s pretty common to hear a ‘No’ in sales cycles. And once a lead says “No!”, sales reps forget about that prospective customer. But, so many times, those leads can be motivated to convert with the right kind of messaging, packed with helpful information and use cases.

Send a sequence of 8 educational messages twice per week, and within a month you may find many leads turning into customers. 

Build your messages around objections that most of your prospects present whenever they say ‘No’. Allocate a drip campaign to the targeted group of customers and let the results surprise you! 

Never Fail to Follow-up

 There are a few important facts you should know about sales follow-ups:

  • Sales reps who don’t follow up at all – 48%

  • Sales reps who go beyond three follow-up contacts with prospects – 10% only

But surprisingly, around 80% of closures in sales happen after 5 to 12 times of follow-up contacts.

You won’t fail to follow-up with any customer when there’s an automated sequence of highly useful messages. Ensure a sequence in your follow-ups, keep the messages personalized, ask questions relevant to previous messages, and avoid sending marketing content.

(Customers usually prefer answering questions instead of looking at marketing contents.)


Engagements go higher by 70%

It doesn’t take any longer than 5 minutes for 80% of messages to get read on WhatsApp. In fact, 98% of younger users read their messages within 3 seconds. And, when you compare the CTR of WhatsApp with Email, it is 70% higher on WhatsApp. Hence, you can expect higher engagements through WhatsApp Drip Campaigns than a drip campaign via traditional email.

Efforts & Time get optimized

 You can reduce your follow-up efforts and time by 50% simply by designing a completely automated sequence campaign on WhatsApp. So, your sales representatives can concentrate better on lead generation. 


Latest data says that 5 million companies are interacting with customers using WhatsApp, and 80% of them think that it enables business growth.

Consumers remember your brand

Even if you don’t convert a prospect into your customer, that series of messages sent via WhatsApp would enhance your brand recall. This way, your business gets perceived as a helpful brand that is always available to help its customers.


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 Helpful Tips for a successful

WhatsApp  drip campaign

Frequently asked questions

Should I send promotional content over WhatsApp?

Avoid a marketing or promotional tone in your messages. Make it highly conversational as if you are talking to your friend. Follow a friendly and casual tone to give a humanized experience.

What is the ideal length of content for WhatsApp drip messages?

Don’t create lengthy messages, people don’t read them. Keeping the message length within 250 characters is effective. Just add your call to action link to it.

What should I add as my CTA?

Put only one phone number or CTA link to avoid any sort of confusion among your customers.

What is the best practice for using emojis?

Use emojis to grab attention, but avoid overusing them.

How to get more people to respond?

Add a question at the end of a message, which will increase the chances of getting a reply. For instance, you can write, “Do you want a demo?”, “Do you have any questions?”, “Do you want to join right away?” and more like this.

Create a sense of urgency with phrases like, “Limited seats available”, “The offer is open for 3 days only” and similar others.

What kind of images work best for WhatsApp drip messages?

Use a clutter-free image with minimal text to increase the engagement rate by more than 50%.

If not promotion, then how should I market my products?

Focus on “Product Benefits” instead of highlighting “Product Features”. Use information and resources that explain how your product can benefit a customer.

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