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AI Chatbot For Diagnostic Centers

Automate instant patient engagement and query resolution with a single conversational AI platform.


Have AI assistant available 24*7 on WhatsApp and other digital channels to provide on-demand report status, query resolution, and guidance for your patients at every step.  

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Conversational AI Features for 
Diagnostic Centers 

Qualified Leads 

Automatically capture, qualify, and nurture patient leads across all channels, 24*7.

Personalize Consultation 

Explain tests, procedures, answer related questions with little to no human intervention.


Automatically book medical appointments as per availability and convenience.


Use WhatsApp AI bot to safely deliver reports (in PDF files) to respective patients.


Send alerts regarding procedural appointments, report status, payment submission, and more.  


Allow instant and easy payment collection through preferred channels. 

Symptoms Instantly 

Use AI to assess symptoms and then connect with the right



Transfer unique, complex queries to diagnostic experts for instant assistance.

patient information 

Use AI to add or update patient information in your CRMs and databases. 

Benefits With ORAI

Geo-tag patient leads 
AI-enabled lead filtration to remove invalid emails and phone numbers
Enhance the productivity of staff 
Build social media and drip marketing campaigns
Categorize leads into Hot, Warm and Cold 
24*7 BOT/ Conversations/
Enable voice search & voice conversations 
All-in-One Robotic Virtual Assistance

Omnichannel Platform Integrations 

ORAI connects you with 15+ platforms 

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Want to see how AI can help your Diagnostic Center?! 

HOlA ! Connect - NOW !

We’ll help you create your Diagnostic Center AI bot from scratch.

  • What is Chatbot?
    You can think of a Chatbot as a computer technology programmed to talk to humans through text, gestures, touch, voice, 24*7*365.
  • What is Education chatbot?
    ORAI has an AI chatbot for higher education institutions, which you can integrate across all digital channels for marketing and outreach automation. Our Education Chatbot enables student outreach 24*7 to increase admissions every year.
  • What is NLP?
    NLP or Natural Language Processing splits the input given by a user into words and sentences. This technology is used by an AI chatbot to accurately interpret the meaning of user inputs.
  • What is the difference between Chatbot and AI Chatbot?
    AI Chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence technology, which makes them more conversational, predictive, and data-driven than generic chatbots. AI bots are more personalized, interactive, and sophisticated when it comes to answering questions asked by humans.
  • Is ORAI a Chatbot or AI Chatbot?
    ORAI offers AI-powered, humanized conversational chatbots.
  • What are the benefits of an AI Chatbot for University/College?
    ORAI is enabling higher education institutions, universities, and colleges with advanced AI Chatbot to automate and scale up student outreach, student engagement, and student experience at every stage.
  • What are the major features of ORAI’s Education Chatbot?
    ORAI’s Education Chatbot comes with a wide range of features such as automated application support, pre-admission information, multi-lingual support, payment support, marketing integrations, alumni assistance, and more.
  • Who would build the Education Chatbot for me?
    We have a team of experienced professionals who specialize in AI, ML, NLP, and chatbot designing. Our team will take care of the complete deployment, implementation, and maintenance of an education chatbot for you.
  • What are the Software systems on which the Education Chatbot can be integrated?
    ORAI is easy to integrate with all software systems such as Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, Nopaperforms, Leadsquad, Extraedge, Google, Salesforce, and more.
  • How can Education Chatbot get me more information on the Request?
    Whenever a student requests for any information, ORAI’s chatbot fulfills that request via text, sending media, or connecting with a counselor on the same platform instantaneously.
  • How can ORAI help during the admission season?
    With our AI chatbot, you can automate your student outreach to scale up your admission numbers. Our virtual assistant can engage your prospective students 24*7 and help them with their application without any human intervention required.
  • How’s ORAI beneficial for my student lead generation/qualification?
    While ORAI interacts with students to qualify leads in real-time, it also allows your counselors to seamlessly take over a conversation for all hot leads.
  • Can ORAI help me use WhatsApp for Student Outreach and Engagement?
    ORAI can get you a verified business account on WhatsApp and integrate it with ORAI WhatsApp AI Chatbot as well. So, you can automate customer engagement via WhatsApp to maximize your admission numbers every season.
  • Can ORAI give me a Demo for Free?
    You can request a FREE DEMOfrom us. Our experts will show you the features and explain multiple use cases for your university/college/institution.


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