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Integrate with All Technology Systems

ORAI’s APIs and integration services give you a platform to integrate your applications, support your API building ecosystem, and integrate your dealers/customers' data within and outside of all the technology systems.

All Integrations

With quick and easy integration, ORAI allows you to deploy your bot to any new technology

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Use ORAI's official WhatsApp Business integration to redefine your customer service strategy.

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Integrate ORAI with twitter to Optimize your Customer Experience (CX) Workflow and to automate your customer engagement.



Integrate ORAI with Zendesk and automatically sync customer tickets between them and find customer data on any of them.

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Google Calendar

Integrate Google Calendar with ORAI, and manage your schedule and tasks from web and mobile apps.

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Connect ORAI to Freshdesk and delight your customers with effortless customer service.

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Facebook Messenger

Integrate ORAI with Facebook messenger and reach out instantly to your customers and deliver world-class support.


Integrate ORAI with salesforce and engage with your prospects, run personalised campaigns and analyse results.



Integrate Line and engage your customers on one of the everyday messaging apps that they use.

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Quickly connect your mailbox, set up forwarding and respond to incoming email conversations with ORAI.

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Google Analytics

Integrate ORAI with Google Analytics, and automate complex reporting and configuration tasks using APIs.

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Manage all your customer interactions to include refunds, fulfilment tracking, purchase alterations, and all messaging and tickets.

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Integrate ORAI with telegram configure Telegram's connection to other services using ready-made script templates.