Re-inventing HR with Conversational AI 

AI-Enabled HR Virtual Assistant providing instant responses to employee queries for a seamless employee experience

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HR Professionals say that most of their time is spent in addressing recurring employee queries regarding business policies. ORAI can address a wide array of employee queries and bridge the communication gap between a recruiter and a candidate. 

Address Routine Queries

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding

Leave Management

Leave Management

Expense & Reimbursement Management

Expense & Reimbursement Management

Policy Information

Policy Information

Payroll Information

Payroll Information

Resource Allocation

Resource Allocation

Automate Employee Engagement 

Leadership Message

Leadership Message

Employee Grievances

Employee Grievances

Candidate Training

Candidate Training

Day To Day Updates

Day To Day Updates

Awards And Recognition

Awards And Recognition

Exit Formalities


Optimize hiring cost
decrease hiring time 


Assessment Test


Application Tracking 

Application Tracking 

 Interview Experience Feedback

 Interview Experience Feedback 

Engage Employees & Candidates with WhatsApp Drip Campaigns
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Want to engage and assist candidates effortlessly to improve HR lead conversions?

How about using time-based, personalized text messages sent automatically via WhatsApp to answer queries, give information, and send reminders!

With ORAI, you can harness the real power of WhatsApp through drip campaigns. These campaigns will help you engage your employees and candidates with meaningful messages. You can ease the hiring process for candidates and keep all your employees engaged for long-term retention. And, the best part is that you won’t be losing too much time or money doing all this.

  • Optimize hiring process- Resolve all confusion for your candidates with useful information given via WhatsApp.

  • Hire & retain talent- Engage candidates with consistent communication to hire and retain talented people.

  • Save hiring cost & time- Automate your hiring communication strategy with WhatsApp to save time and cost.

  • Keep employees satisfied- Continue engaging employees to ensure a satisfied team working together.

How will it help HR in the present situation? 


Let's chat over

Our Virtual Agents


HR Recruiter

Running a smooth business is possible only with a well-managed HR department. Hence, business leaders always try to utilize the latest technology to satisfy the needs of existing employees and prospective candidates.

HR Assistant

Our HR AI Chatbot has all advanced features to ease the process of employee engagement and HR management.

HR Policy

Take a step ahead to make your workplace happier. Let the virtual HR policy bot be available for your employees round the clock         

  • Helps employees working from home to respond instantly & accurately to common queries like attendance

  • Intervenes & responds quickly in sensitive situations

  • Engages with employees on an individual level & customizes solution based on personal preferences & issues


    Additionally, it can also: 

  • Empower employees with professional guidance & essential mentorship

  • Customize learning & development plans for employees

  • Communicate in the language that the employees are comfortable in

Why ORAI? 

  • Hassle-free use with WhatsApp Integration 

  • Multi-lingual for ease of communication 

  • Personalized feel with customizable instant feed 

  • Easy to use with AI-enabled voice assistant 

  • Seamless coordination with uninterrupted connection

Our platform has been meticulously developed, cautiously crafted, and rigorously tested to fulfill your needs. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chatbot?

Chatbots are algorithms or computer programs capable of understanding humans via voice, gestures, touch and/or text, and respond accordingly.

What is the difference between Chatbot and AI Chatbot?

An AI chatbot is always better at understanding the demands and emotions of users than a generic chatbot. It uses AI and NLP to make a conversation more sophisticated and personalized.

What is NLP?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows AI chatbots to make sense of user inputs by dissecting the sentences and words. Then, they prepare an appropriate answer in response.

Is ORAI a Chatbot or AI Chatbot?

ORAI is a humanized, AI-enabled conversational chatbot.

What is an HR chatbot?

ORAI offers you an HR Chatbot powered by AI technology, which we integrate across all digital platforms to automate and scale up employee/candidate query support.

What are the benefits of an AI Chatbot for HR?

ORAI can resolve the biggest problem of HR, which is redundant repetitive queries from employees and candidates. Our AI chatbot can answer all simple and complex questions without any human intervention.

What are the major features of ORAI’s HR Chatbot?

ORAI’s HR Chatbot Automates Query Support, Personalizes Employee Engagement and helps you Reduce the Hiring & Retaining Costs.

Who would build the HR chatbot for me?

Our team of AI/ML/NLP technology specialists works on customizing the AI chatbot for your needs, and handle its deployment, and maintenance. So, you can automate and prioritize HR activities better.

What are the Software systems on which the HR chatbot can be integrated?

ORAI is easy to integrate with all software systems such as Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, Nopaperforms, Leadsquad, Extraedge, Google, Salesforce, and more.

How can HR chatbot get me more information on the Request?

Whenever an employee or candidate asks a question, our AI ‘Oshi’ responds to his/her satisfaction. If an employee wishes to interact with an HR consultant, ORAI enables that in real-time, on the same platform.

How can ORAI help me increase my HR productivity?

With ORAI’s AI-powered HR Chatbot, you can automate both repetitive and complex query support without compromising on the personalization factor. Hence, productivity automatically goes up in your HR department.

How’s ORAI beneficial for my HR lead generation/qualification?

ORAI engages with candidates to answer their queries, but it also qualifies those leads into Hot, Warm, and Cold categories. This reduces the time and cost of hiring talented candidates

Can ORAI help me use WhatsApp for Employee Outreach and Engagement?

ORAI allows AI chatbot and Live Chat combined in one chat platform on WhatsApp. So, you can utilize WhatsApp to its maximum extent for employee outreach and engagement.

Can ORAI give me a demo for free?

You can request a FREE DEMO from us. Our experts will show you the features and explain multiple use cases for HR.