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AI Chatbot for education

AI Algorithms that identify student's digital patterns, behaviour and footprints.

That’s the delighted student experience!

ORAI helps Universities, Colleges, and Higher Education Institutions to upgrade student interactions via social media, VOIP, Voice Search, website, and messaging platforms. Any digital touchpoint facilitated with ORAI's AI chatbot enables students to receive in-depth guidance. Starting from the process of admission to details related to fees, courses, facilities, infrastructure, important dates, and scholarships, ORAI's AI bot provides the solution to several queries 24x7x365 days. 

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ORAI Robotic Virtual Assistant for various college functions

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ORAI answers all queries asked by prospective students on your website, FB Messenger, and WhatsApp automatically.

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application support

ORAI provides real-time assistance to the students for the entire application submission process, allowing you to increase the number of applicants.​

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Marketing integrations

ORAI helps you integrate your entire marketing campaign in a centralized way, increasing your student admission ROI to 200% through Conversational Marketing. 

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On-Campus Support

ORAI’s AI can help and support the students for all on-campus facilities like medical, library, transport, or class assignments.

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Payment Support

ORAI's AI bot answers student inquiries regarding tuition fees and other financial aspects during the payment.

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Multi-Lingual Support

ORAI can communicate with students in multiple languages, which helps to build trust and confidence across the journey.

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Life At Campus

ORAI is the fastest way to keep students updated with the latest news and campus activities 24*7*365.

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Placement Assistant

ORAI can help your students with information regarding upcoming placement activities, interview schedules, and tips to succeed. 


ORAI can inform prospective and existing students about all available scholarships in the institution.

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Alumni Assistant

Alumni engagement and assistance are keys to your success. ORAI assists in addressing alumni inquiries.

Run Drip Campaigns on WhatsApp

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Want to genuinely engage your prospective students to empower your lead conversion strategy? 


How about you send them meaningful automated messages on WhatsApp in a pre-decided sequence to help them select the right course/program! 


You can engage your prospective students better now as ORAI has brought Drip Campaigns to WhatsApp. These campaigns allow you to send personalized messages to every student after a fixed interval of time (decided by you). With a 70 percent higher message open rate on WhatsApp, you can expect wonders regarding student outreach, engagement, and overall experience.  

  • Increase admissions- Help confused students with relevant messages to increase admissions. 

  • Consistent follow-ups- Stay in touch with prospective students at every decision-making stage. 

  • Save money & time- Automate drip campaigns on WhatsApp to enjoy the high ROI. 

  • Become famous- Increase your university/college name recall in the minds of prospective students.

Platform / Channel Integrations

ORAI can connect 15+ platforms

Landing Pages / Websites
Benefits With ORAI
Geo Tagging of the
Increase the Productivity
of Counselors
Lead Filtration like valid and Invalid contact details 
Lead Prioritization
like Hot, Warm and Cold
24/7 Conversation BOT/ Assistance
Build effective
Marketing Campaigns
Voice Search and Voice conversation
Single Robotic Virtual Assistance
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