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Conversational AI

WhatsApp business is recognized as one of the most powerful mediums for one-on-one customer communication. Adding to its advantages, WhatsApp Business API is a secure, scalable solution for medium to large businesses, that integrate with your business software, allowing it to expand along with your vision. 

Create a Faster Customer Experience 24/7

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ORAI's AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot for business integrated with WhatsApp Business API

What does ORAI WhatsApp Business API have to offer?

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Instant Messaging

Encouraging Coherent Communication in


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Rich Media Share

Allowing Interactive Communication through Text, Audio, Video and Document delivery

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Data Privacy

strengthening Customer Relations by promoting end-to-end encryption and data privacy

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Incorporate AI Chatbots

Developed for providing a Professional Service by featuring Chatbot, Smart Routing. 

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Wider Reach

Setting up Infinite Automated Responses for Local and Global Customers

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 Absolute API Integration

Integrating WhatsApp Business API

with SaaS-based Application for Management and Analysis

What ORAI’s AI Platform does on WhatsApp 
Amplifies Your Business Performance and Multiplies Customer Digital Engagement

Multiply lead conversions

With a very high open rate, messages on WhatsApp is more likely to convert your leads than any other platform.


Automatedtwo-way communication

With ORAI AI Virtual Assistant integration, send instant response to your customers' queries automatically round the clock.

Higher customer engagement rate

Connect with your customers on the platform they regularly use, hence driving up your engagement rate.

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Personalized Messaging

Send targeted messages such as delivery updates, booking reminders, invoices, order confirmations and other such significant updates.

Enhance customer service

Rich media, instant response, 24*7 uptime and a very natural interface takes your customer service to another level and help you retain customers.

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Reach your customers instantly via web, mobile and messaging

  • Make an instant connection with your customers over the website, messaging, and mobile.

  • If you have a medium or large business, WhatsApp Business API is an essential asset for customer outreach at any scale.  

  • A well-designed WhatsApp business AI bot can answer customer queries instantly to improve brand loyalty, reach, and awareness.  

  • WhatsApp AI chatbot can automate conversations with your customers without losing the human touch.

Now You can Use WhatsApp For
Drip Campaigns!

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Want your prospective & existing customers to feel engaged to increase the existing lead conversion ratio?

Send them personalized, time-based messages via WhatsApp through automated drip campaigns!

ORAI has made drip campaigns possible on WhatsApp to leverage the 98% message open rate on this platform. Your personalized messages regarding your product, services, tips, and assistance will keep your customers engaged. As a result, you will experience higher numbers of sales and better customer loyalty.

  • Qualify leads- Help confused customers with useful information to qualify leads.

  • Nurture with follow-ups- Encourage prospects towards buying decisions with consistent, friendly follow-ups.

  • Cost-efficient marketing- Give minimal time and money to generate maximum returns.

  • Improve brand popularity- Become a memorable brand name with personalized WhatsApp engagement.


ORAI improves the efficiency of Customer Service by integrating Artificial Intelligence throughout various channels. The AI support with automated answers & processes drastically reduces the costs and increases revenues.


Sync of Requirement and Objective



Develop Flow Structure


Deploy and Measure Results


Design Conversational Flow Structure


Send to WhatsApp for Approval

AI Chatbot By ORAI


It’s not only fast but seamless in terms of customer experience.

RAise your Sales
3x times
Less Waiting
Automate FAQs With artificial Intelligence
Create Unique Chat Solutions
Reduce Costs with Automation


Let's chat over

WhatsApp AI Bot Works 24/7

Save Your Business In These Troubled Times!

ORAI has developed a range of chatbots completing a variety of tasks to help you communicate better with your customers. Retail, eCommerce, Doctors, Consultants, Restaurants, Sales Reps, Automobile, Academia, Call Centers... You name it; we can solve your problems!

AI Chatbot for WhatsApp

Boost Lead Generation & Engagement

Read our white paper to know how to use AI bot on WhatsApp to personalize marketing and sales conversations for qualified lead generation.

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What is WhatsApp Chatbot?

A WhatsApp chatbot is a full-fledged automated virtual customer assistant that can answer customer queries and inform them about your product, services, procedures, and any other information. Hence, you can manage a large scale of customer queries simultaneously, 24*7*365.

What is the difference between Chatbot and AI Chatbot?

On WhatsApp, you can either have a generic chatbot to answer only basic customer queries, or you can attain an AI-powered chatbot to resolve all basic, as well as complex customer queries, instantly.

What is NLP?

NLP is an AI-based technology also called Natural Language Process that allows chatbots to segment sentences, phrases, and words given by a user as inputs to understand and interpret their correct meaning, emotion, and intent.

Is ORAI a Chatbot or AI Chatbot on WhatsApp?

ORAI is a humanized, AI-enabled conversational WhatsApp chatbot.

Will ORAI help me attain WhatsApp Business API access?

Yes! ORAI will take care of the whole process of getting you a verified business account on WhatsApp Business API.

What are the benefits of a WhatsApp Chatbot for my business?

All your customers are on WhatsApp, so you need to be there for engagement, lead generation, and conversion marketing. A WhatsApp chatbot will give you the ability to connect with customers 24*7.

What are the major features of ORAI’s AI-powered WhatsApp Chatbot?

ORAI’s WhatsApp AI chatbot will let you answer customer queries with automated conversations. It will collect, qualify, and segment leads to help you prioritize all hot leads. Your human agents can take over a conversation instantaneously on the messaging platform to convert leads faster. Other features include- Personalized Messaging, Automated Customer Service, Drip Marketing, Engagement Marketing, and more.

Can ORAI’s WhatsApp Chatbot allow my human agents to live chat with customers?

ORAI’s 3-way conversation feature has been designed to ensure seamless bot-to-human transfer on the chat platform. So, whenever a customer wants to talk to a human agent, ORAI can make that possible right away.

Who would build the WhatsApp chatbot for me?

We have a team of WhatsApp AI-powered chatbot experts, who will manage everything from building to deploying and maintaining a bot for you on WhatsApp.

What are the Software systems on which the WhatsApp chatbot can be integrated?

ORAI is easy to integrate with all software systems such as Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, Nopaperforms, Leadsquad, Extraedge, Google, Salesforce, and more.

How can WhatsApp chatbot get me more information on the Request?

A user can ask any query to our virtual assistant integrated on your WhatsApp Business API to receive a quick and useful answer. Our conversational AI will save you and your customers from any hassle regarding the exchange of information.

How is ORAI’s WhatsApp Chatbot beneficial for my lead generation/qualification?

The message open rate on WhatsApp is 98%, which you can utilize for lead generation only with an AI-enabled chatbot. ORAI’s bot on WhatsApp will not only generate leads but qualify them to help your human agents.

Can ORAI help me use WhatsApp for Customer Outreach and Engagement?

ORAI’s WhatsApp Virtual Assistant comes with the feature of drip campaigns. The 24*7 presence of a Conversational AI and time-to-time drip campaigns will boost your customer outreach and customer engagement exponentially.

Can I get a free demo from ORAI for WhatsApp AI chatbot?

Absolutely! We can give you a DEMO FOR FREE. Our WhatsApp chatbot experts will show you the features and explain multiple use cases specific to your business model.

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