Real-Time 3-Way WhatsApp Chat


AI Bot + Live Chat Combined  

What is 3-Way Conversation?

In a survey, ORAI found 69% of businesses worried about losing human touch if they use a chatbot. So, our AI, NLP, and ML experts developed an innovative feature that allows real-time interaction between a customer, Virtual Assistant, and Human-Agent on the same WhatsApp chat platform. 

Our Humanized Virtual Assistant “Oshi” has been empowered with advanced Conversational AI technology to understand human emotions and language to respond accurately. But at the same time, she hands over the conversation to a human agent if a query seems too complex, or a customer requests for human interaction. We call it 3-way conversations!

Go Beyond Two-Way Conversations

Improved Conversational Flexibility  

Understand customers’ intent and emotions better

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Engage customers faster with a frictionless experience 

Complex Query Support 24*7

Bot and human agent can answer complex questions together

Reduced Support Cost

Manage customer queries at much lower costs

 Scalable Yet Personalized   Marketing

Don’t lose the human touch while scaling your marketing efforts

Agent Productivity

Improve agent productivity by 70%

No More Bad Leads

Know which conversation requires human intervention with auto lead segmentation

Instant Notification

Instantly notifies the agent in case of hand off



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Businesses will save approximately 2.5 billion query support hours with chatbots by the year 2023 ends.

                                                -Chatbots Life

AI Chatbot + Live Chat

How ORAI Gives You

the Best of Both

Live Chat

AI Chatbot

Three-way Chat

24/7 Availabilty

Instant Gratification



Handling Complex Queries


Real-time Visibility on Bot-led Chats

Two-way Handoff with context-intact




Lead Generation

See Our 3-Way Conversational AI “Oshi” in Action!

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