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Conversational AI 
the future OF
Insurance Business

AI-Powered Robotic Virtual Agent (RVA)

ORAI providing AI-powered WhatsApp Chatbot for Banking & Insurance for seamless Customer Experience

ORAI Sales Enablement Platform can help to increase Automated lead qualification by up to 250%

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AI bot to instantly address all policy inquiries.


Help customers choose the right policy.

Buying a

Automate policy buying through AI assistance.

Calculating Premium

Enable immediate premium calculation.

Insurance Advisory

Smart AI bot to give personalized insurance advice.


Cross-sell & up-sell insurance policies with AI bot.


Send payment reminders and assist with payment processing.

Knowing Customers

Conversational intelligence learns customer preferences and intent.

& Reviews

Automate a friendly way of collecting reviews and feedback.

Conversational Claim

AI chatbot for 100% claim filing automation to ease your business process.

Real-time Lead Qualification

​AI that qualifies lead information instantly while interacting.

Customer Engagement

​Convert leads into sales faster with omnichannel AI engagement.

Engage Insurance Buyers through
WhatsApp Drip Campaigns

drip campagin min.png

Looking for the best way to engage insurance buyers with relevant information to increase lead conversions?

How about running drip campaigns on WhatsApp that involves sending automated, highly personalized messages in a pre-defined sequence based on time and customer behavior!

You can do that with ORAI’s exclusive WhatsApp drip campaign feature to get 70 percent better engagement than emails. Your campaigns can involve information regarding insurance, documentation, benefits, and relevant reminders specific to every prospect. This will help you enhance the insurance buying experience for sure!

  • Sell more insurance- Assist confused buyers in making their insurance-buying decisions.

  • Follow-up every time, on-time- Engage every prospect at all stages of insurance buying. 

  • Optimize marketing efforts- Save your marketing cost and time with automated WhatsApp drip campaigns. 

  • Increase word of mouth- Satisfied customers will spread your business name out there.

3-Way Conversations