Conversational AI
The Future of E-Commerce

Take your online business  to
24% conversion rate  
with an AI-powered chatbot

ORAI connects your business with buyers through real-time conversations on your business site, social media, WhatsApp, and other platforms. Live chat and AI bot combined to drive order placements 24*7. 

ORAI’s Conversational AI For


Real-Time Conversations 
To Increase Conversions 
  • Quick checkout guidance 

  • Product information 

  • Engaging buying experience 

  • Instant response to queries & requests 

Remember Customers To
Give Personalized Support 
  • Unmatched conversational memory

  • Intent-based interactions with every user

  • Connected across all customer touchpoints

  • Personalized product recommendations

FAQ Automation With Virtual Assistant To Save Time
  • Answer questions 24*7

  • Automated and personalized replies

  • Increase business productivity

  • Instant handover to human agents

Run Conversational
Digital Ads & Qualify Leads 
  • Integrate with WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook and Google.

  • Talk to customers directly via ads

  • Qualify leads in real-time

  • Segment leads into Hot, Warm, and Cold

Take Your Business To ITs
Omnichannel Commerce

ORAI can connect 15+ platforms

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Google Assistant Logo
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Engage Buyers through
WhatsApp Drip Campaigns

drip campagin min.png

Want to engage customers in the buying process online to increase sales conversions?

How about a series of WhatsApp messages automatically sent at fixed time intervals to assist and engage your customers!

ORAI has brought drip campaigns straight to WhatsApp, for new-age marketing and e-commerce. You can engage customers with product details, pricing, models, features, discounts, maintenance tips, and more information sent via WhatsApp drip campaigns. People are using WhatsApp way more than emails, so you will be increasing engagement, online sales, and their buying experience. 

  • Increase sales- Help confused prospects with data & information to increase product sales.

  • Follow-up regularly- Keep an open communication line with prospective customers throughout their buying decision.

  • Save time & money- Run automated drip campaigns via WhatsApp and see high ROI coming in.

  • Enhance business reach- Increase the reach of your e-commerce business in the digital market.

3-Way Conversations

Satisfy Customers with Hyper-Personalization over WhatsApp

Use the combined power of AI Bot and Live Chat together to hyper personalize your conversations with customers over WhatsApp and other messaging platforms.

Whenever necessary, now the bot can involve your human agent in a conversation instantaneously to answer complex questions and fulfill specific requests.

We call it – 3-Way Communication, which “AI Bot + Live Chat” combined into one. 

Conversation min.png


Vector Image for Lead Prioritization with the help of ORAI AI Chatbot
Vector Image for Geo Tagging of the Leads by ORAI
Geo Tagging of the Leads
Lead Filtration like valid and Invalid Email and Phone number
Vector Image for Lead Prioritization with the help of ORAI AI Chatbot
Vector Image for the benifits of ORAI for 24/7 Conversation BOT/ Assistance
Lead Prioritization
like Hot, Warm and Cold
24/7 Conversation BOT/ Assistance
Vector Image for Build Marketing Campaigns around Trending Keywords By ORAI
Vector Image for Increase the Productivity of Insurance agents by ORAI
Increase the Productivity of Sales Team.
Build Marketing Campaigns around Trending Keywords
Vector Image for Voice Search and Voice conversation by ORAI
Vector Image for Single Robotic Virtual Assistance with the help of ORAI AI Chatbot
Voice Search and Voice conversation
Single Robotic Virtual Assistance

want to EVALUATe AI for FOR YOUR Business?


What is Chatbot?

Chatbots are computer systems that have the ability to use voice, text, gestures, and touch to communicate with human beings.

What is the difference between Chatbot and AI Chatbot?

Chatbots and AI chatbots differ in terms of their conversational abilities. An AI chatbot uses machine learning, natural language processing, and natural language understanding to properly understand and respond to human beings.

What is NLP?

NLP or Natural Language Processing allows AI-powered bots to derive meaning of all the human inputs like sentences, phrases and words. This helps to comprehend the context and intent, which results in highly personalized interactions.

Is ORAI a Chatbot or AI Chatbot?

ORAI is a humanized, AI-enabled conversational chatbot or Conversational AI platform.

Who would build the e-commerce chatbot for me?

Our expert team specializes in AI/ML/NLP technologies. They will handle the entire process of deploying, implementing, and maintaining the AI chatbot for your ecommerce company.

Can ORAI give me a demo for free?

You can request a FREE DEMO from us.

Our experts will show you the features and explain multiple use cases for your ecommerce business.


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