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ORAI Robotics' AI-powered Solution for Sales Amplification: Conversational Marketing to Succeed in Current Challenging Times

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BENGALURU, July 9, 2020

While this lockdown has slowed down all businesses, small business owners are facing the harshest conditions to gain and retain their customers. Swapnil and Sujit, co-founders of ORAI Robotics Pvt Ltd, have been busy helping such small businesses to utilize new and effective technologies to ascertain smooth continuity in their business.


“Be it a product or service company, customer satisfaction is the only thing that makes or breaks the deal, and with new social distancing norms in place, digital is now becoming the new age over-the-counter platform. However, digital also comes with its own set of cons where gauging customer’s expressions and body language becomes impossible. ORAI just is the perfect answer to your automation needs.” said Swapnil Jain.


“While businesses are struggling to maintain their usual operations, many are also striving hard to provide solutions for pre-existing problems. ORAI identified the need for businesses to stay connected with their customers round the clock and the need to generate and identify authentic, highly convertible leads.” said Sujit Das Biswas.


Using cutting edge technology of AI, Machine Learning (ML), voice recognition, and Natural Language Processing (NLP), ORAI offers an omnichannel solution that aims to drive growth and ensure business continuity by interacting with customers, generating and segregating leads, qualifying MQL’s and SQL’s, giving insights and analytics, and helping with cutting edge algorithms through expansive data.


Seed funded by some major angel investors and mentored by Mr. Gopalakrishnan Ramchandran, a startup mentor and an experienced investment banker, ORAI has already onboarded good number of clients in the launch phase itself. It is already becoming a trustworthy name in the technology sector with clients from the automobile, healthcare, online learning industry, education, and real estate sectors. With the plethora of expertise brought by the founders and the mentors, ORAI is here to change the dynamics of brand reach, communication, lead analytics, and lead generation.

Solutions provided by ORAI:

  1. Oshi- A conversational chatbot platform that can be integrated on all your platforms.

  2. WhatsApp Business API verified account and Oshi (Chatbot) integration.

  3. Lead statistics and Automated AI-Powered segregation.

  4. Instant verification of customer data in the backend.

  5. Keywords searched by TG.

  6. Location targeting for effective marketing solutions.


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