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Sr. Marketing Manager


ORAI Robotics is an advanced Conversational AI platform built for modern businesses. A platform that enables a humanlike conversation with websites, devices, applications, and digital channels. Designed to serve all kinds of business models and industries, ORAI’s AI-powered virtual assistant, Oshi, creates the most sophisticated yet easy communication channel between businesses and customers, in multiple platforms, 100+ languages, and with 24*7 availability. The capacity to analyze and use conversational data on large scales results in the unmatched quality of actionable insights into customer behavior. ORAI Robotics makes adoption, implementation, and ongoing usage easy for businesses with its top-notch AI partnership. Businesses across the globe have successfully deployed conversational AI with ORAI.


We are ORAI Robotics, an India-based, funded and award-winning AI start-up.


Over the last couple of years, it has been a wonderful journey with recognition as Top 10 AI start-up 2021 from Silicon India.


From a 4-member team to a 35+ member team in just 1.5 years.

The Marketing Manager will be responsible for the design and execution of marketing strategies, planning the product portfolio, allocating marketing activities, handling digital marketing and marketing communication, setting goals, and ensuring the long-term viability of each location.


Experience: 7-to-10 years experience

Company Name: ORAI Robotics Pvt. Ltd.

Date of Joining: Immediate or 15 Days

Job: Full-time

Location: Bangalore


Strategic market research through different sources to analyze the current trends for               having a strong media presence.

 Planning and working on Branding budgets, competition tracking, and analysis,                         strategizing and scheduling marketing.

 Ideate and implement marketing plans through (digital and offline) campaigns and                   programs

 Monitor/track the monthly performance of brands against budgets and deliver the                   objectives

 Monitor/track digital footfall on all our platforms and explore means to improve the figures     in quantity and quality.

 Manage all aspects of Digital Marketing - SEO, SEM, social media marketing, messaging,         email campaigns, content marketing, etc.

 Ensure our brand message is strong and consistent across all channels and marketing             efforts (like events, email campaigns, web pages, and promotional material)

 Identify areas where there are gaps and find opportunities to reach new market segments       and expand market share 

 Ensure quality and timely delivery/execution of various Marcom requirements like EDM’s,       case studies, video content, PDF’s, Use Cases, etc

 You will be responsible for engaging with customers to ensure that we receive feedback         and suggestions through testimonials, etc.


 Should have 3-5 years of experience 

 Experience using Microsoft Excel to manipulate and analyze data

 Experience building, executing, and scaling cross-functional marketing programs

 SaaS sales Experience/ Exposure in product selling

 Experience using data and metrics to measure impact and determine improvements

 Experience presenting metrics and progress to goal with stakeholders

 5+ years of marketing experience

 MBA with 7+ years of marketing experience

 Languages to be known- English and Hindi

 Demonstrated ability of strategic problem solving and creating/building solutions from           scratch

 Seasoned in creating customer-facing experiences and programs

 Demonstrated analytical skills in quantitative and qualitative consumer research                       methodology and outputs

 Track record of creating a significant impact on customer awareness, preference, loyalty,         and share of wallet

 Experience in building strong cross-functional relationships

 Minimum experience of 5 years in Digital Marketing

 Experience in Lead Generation and Email Marketing

 Demonstrated experience in using DM tools over 2 years

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