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ORAI Explains How WhatsApp Conversational AI Is The Ultimate Weapon For 100% Sales, Customer engagement and Process Automation


3rd November 2020, Bangalore


ORAI Robotics, a leading expert in driving performance amplification with conversational AI, is all set with its latest virtual event, explaining how WhatsApp conversational AI can enable 100% sales, customer engagement and process automation for businesses in the digital world.

Empowered with conversational AI technology, WhatsApp becomes a revolutionary platform for businesses. It takes away the issue of disconnected channels and customer data blindness. ORAI, as an artificial intelligence platform, adds additional assets for organizations to reach the peak of their process automation strategy- resulting in far greater productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and massive growth in sales closures.

It does that by allowing businesses to effortlessly integrate an AI-powered chatbot across all targeted channels. Hence, all the conversation opportunities that surface on a website, digital ads, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms can be directed to WhatsApp for a more personalized experience. ORAI’s intelligent interface can understand and interpret every unstructured input to respond accurately without any human intervention needed. Because it is purely conversational, ORAI’s virtual assistant Oshi can ask additional questions to find all the missing information required to perform a task.

Along with automated processes for customers, this integrated platform also allows marketing and sales teams to automate the process of qualifying and segmenting different kinds of leads.

Join Swapnil Jain, CEO at ORAI Robotics, as he explains process automation possibilities with WhatsApp Conversational AI and explores how it can help to overcome various business challenges.

The virtual event will take place on 5th November at 3:30 PM IST

“Artificial Intelligence for WhatsApp: Top 5 Trends to Amplify Business Performance”.

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