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ORAI Delivers
WhatsApp Conversational AI to Top Automotive Dealerships

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3rd November 2020,Bangalore


ORAI Robotics, a leading WhatsApp conversational AI platform, is now an AI partner for multiple automotive dealership giants. Car dealerships like Cauvery Ford, Magnum Honda, BMW Munich Motors, and Munich Honda are using Oshi- an AI-powered virtual assistant integrated with WhatsApp Business API. The AI chatbot for car dealerships is being used to automate various conversational functions.

Oshi, ORAI’s conversational AI platform is empowering business in the automotive industry with advanced features like- 24*7 query support, automated car bookings, post-sales service bookings, 3-way conversations, personalized interactions, WhatsApp drip campaigns, and much more.

Strongly focused on digital sales enablement, these car dealerships are utilizing ORAI’s ability for maximum automation by easily integrating it across all digital customer touchpoints.

Dealerships in the industry are looking for the best automotive chatbots powered by artificial intelligence, and they are trusting ORAI for the same. Conversational AI from ORAI is improving customer satisfaction by driving more personalized interactions with 24*7 assistance availability.

“We are thrilled and delighted to have so many automotive businesses choose ORAI for the expansion of online marketing and sales through conversational AI,” says Swapnil Jain, Founder, CEO of ORAI Robotics. “With our platform and strategic partnership, businesses use conversational AI to reduce costs and resolve operational issues. It multiplies the capability of every digital channel and improves customer satisfaction, resulting in a greater number of car bookings and service queries.”

Apart from artificial intelligence chatbot for the automotive industry, ORAI has amplified business performance in Education, Healthcare, Travel & Hospitality, E-Commerce, Real Estate, HR, and other sectors also. Every business model receives a customized conversational flow enabled with AI that learns about customers over time to perfect every interaction.

Digital Business Performance Amplification – Conversational AI Demo!

ORAI is offering a FREE DEMO for decision-makers who are interested in having an AI car dealer chatbot. Book now or talk to our experts!


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