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ORAI All Set to Present An AI & Messaging-First Student Experience Strategy At Saudi Education Technology Summit 2020


4th November 2020, Bengaluru

Swapnil Jain, CEO of ORAI Robotics, the leading conversational AI platform for performance amplification globally, has been invited at the Saudi Education Technology Summit 2020 powered by ASMA and BII World LTD.


He is the only leader from India among 30 global industry leaders coming together at this Live Virtual Event. They will be brainstorming on how to redefine the whole process of using emerging technologies to shape the future of the education sector.

Swapnil Jain will share practical ways to adopt and implement conversational AI to enable an AI & Messaging-first student experience strategy at universities and colleges. His presentation will focus on enhancing student experience pre-academia, during academia, and post-academia using omnichannel conversational AI.

“Seemingly overnight, COVID-19 pandemic made online virtual student experience a primary factor in the education sector. But even before this crisis, students were asking for self-service abilities throughout their academic journey,” comments Swapnil Jain.


“With student query volumes skyrocketing online, higher education institutions need to deploy AI-powered virtual assistants for efficient management and a higher number of admissions. The challenge right now is helping universities and colleges with the right strategy to adopt, implement, and sustain such technologies in the long run,” he explains further.

This year’s Saudi Education Technology Summit will explore various practical ways of adapting to the changing scenarios and using technology for efficiency, better student experience, and cost savings. This event will deliver highly valuable tools, insights, and knowledge for attendees regarding all exclusive Edu-tech solutions, trends, and projections. 


This event will take place from 10th Nov to 11th Nov at 9:30 AM.

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To register or more information, you can visit this link now:


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