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Top 5 trends on how WhatsApp Conversational AI Is 

Elevating Sales & Marketing



ORAI Robotics offers a robust Conversational AI for businesses, allowing a simplified adoption and implementation to connect with customers on multiple channels, engage them with contextual conversations, and increase sales and digital marketing performance.

5 November 2020

Messaging platforms and artificial intelligence have grown simultaneously in the digital space. You can even say that AI has brought advancements to messaging platforms. With WhatsApp being the world's most used messenger app, today modern businesses are integrating their marketing and sales efforts with extensive WhatsApp conversational AI solutions. 

When customers are on messaging platforms, how can businesses use these platforms for sales and marketing? 

Considering 2 billion active users on WhatsApp and 1.3 billion users on Facebook Messenger, they have become the best platforms to bridge the gap between business enterprises and potential customers. And conversational AI is at the center of it all. Conversational AI is automating all forms of virtual communication and ensuring a hyper-personalized experience for every user, which results in better marketing ROI and Sales Amplification.  

Eminent  SPEAKERs


Dr. M.P. Shyam 

MD Akshaya Motors 

President FADA , Karnataka 


Mr. Suraj Dodeja


Vashi Electricals Private Limited 

Industry Experts 


Mr. Swapnil Jain

CEO ORAI Robotics 


Mr. Sujit Das Biswas 

CTO ORAI Robotics 

Top 5 trends on how WhatsApp Conversational AI Is Elevating Sales And Digital Marketing Performance 

1. Amplifying marketing and Sales Conversations with Omni-channel strategies


Connect all digital customer touchpoints together with a single conversational AI platform to provide seamless interactions across all platforms.

2. Automating customer journey and engagement with WhatsApp Drip Campaigns


Shift drip campaigns from emails to WhatsApp for 70% higher open rate and 60% sales funnel growth.

3. Improving customer experience with real-time 3-way communication

The moment a bot can't answer a question, it should be able to handover the conversation to a human in real-time. It’s called 3-way communication.

4. Qualifying leads in real-time with AI-predictive intelligence

Let AI-powered virtual assistant automatically capture, qualify, and segment leads for you in real-time.

5. Conversational ads using WhatsApp

Once someone clicks on your ad, it can directly send him to the messenger bot. AI bot can then identify the intent, preferences, and ask several qualifying questions in a friendly manner.

Top 3 takeaways from the webinar 

  1. Conversational AI connects customers with businesses, answers questions, and runs campaigns to help customers via multiple digital platforms. 

  2. Businesses across the globe have already adopted conversational AI on messenger platforms to increase their conversations and conversions.

  3. AI-enabled WhatsApp Virtual Assistant can answer more complex questions asked by customers at different purchasing stages.

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