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3-Way Conversations: Go Beyond Chatbots For Massive 24% Sales Conversions

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

3-Way Conversations: Go Beyond Chatbots For Massive 24% Sales Conversions
3-Way Conversations: Go Beyond Chatbots

Do you know that not all chatbots are created the same?

They work differently depending on how advanced the technology is. And, let’s be clear about one thing- chatbots that were created 2 years ago are outdated today due to rapid advancements in AI, ML and NLP technologies.

Artificial intelligence and chatbots have come together in the market to resolve all traditional issues associated with generic bots. This has led to new and advanced features added to chatbots, turning them into a humanized Conversational AI platform.

ORAI has introduced its 3-way conversation feature allowing human agents to work alongside AI to deliver excellent customer experience. This has resulted in 24% sales conversions for clients who were struggling to even maintain 5% conversions earlier. However, it is obvious for you to wonder why you need a 3-way conversational AI chatbot for your business.

So, here you will understand what 3-way communication means in AI Chatbots and how it can grow sales conversions in your business. Let’s dig in!

Why generic chatbots fail: Cons of 2-way conversations between a customer and a bot

Chatbots are supposed to improve customer engagement and brand experience by offering helpful insights and assistance to customers. But so many bots fail to actually live up to the expectations.

This is because of the generic chatbot technology that comes with many limitations. Only a few chatbots are advanced enough to deliver humanlike, rich conversations while engaging users. Generic bots are unable to offer consistency across different digital channels. Plus, they are unable to communicate in different languages preferred by today’s customers.

It’s the lack of intelligence in generic chatbots why Gartner expects 40% of 1st generation chatbots launched in the year 2018 to be abandoned by the end of 2020.

Here are the major issues why generic chatbots are failing:

1. Poor conversational flexibility

Probably the biggest issue with generic chatbots is that they fail to understand customers’ intent, behavior, and questions.

When such bots are asked questions, they fail many times to accurately recognize the meaning and respond accordingly. This happens because humans can phrase a single question in multiple ways, that too, within a single conversation. Hence, bots need to have advanced conversational AI technology to understand flexible questions and respond with flexible answers.

2. Lack of a consistent personality

The issue of a consistent bot personality is another problem business leaders face while using a generic chatbot. Such bots collect dialogues from various text fragments instead of using artificial intelligence. Hence, businesses feel unable to offer a clear, consistent personality of their virtual assistant across all channels. This is critical in today’s market where a consistent personality of your brand means everything for long-term survival.

3. Created to answer first-level queries only

Many chatbots are made to answer first-level queries only. So, they fail to respond to complex queries with relevant solutions. Without the presence of a human agent present in real-time, customers feel dissatisfied at the end of such 2-way conversations.

4. Unable to perform customer retention activities

When you’re running a business, retaining every customer becomes a vital function. In fact, businesses focus on it more than finding new customers.

While chatbots can play a major role in customer retention, generic bots fail to fulfill this expectation when working alone. AI and Human interruption are more effective in retaining customers, as they can better understand the behavior and feelings of every customer.

So, the issues associated with generic bots impact all efforts of gaining and maintaining customers across all touchpoints.

What is a 3-way conversation: AI Chatbot at its peak of potential

Chatbots that came to market with generic rule-based features evolved to conversational virtual assistants with the disruption of artificial intelligence.

And now, the market is again evolving with 3-way conversations between a customer, AI Chatbot, and human agent. You can say that 3-way conversation is taking AI Chatbots to their peak of potential. It allows a human agent to instantaneously take over a user-AI conversation on the same platform. This feature is extremely important in situations where the bot can’t answer a complex query, or a customer wishes to talk to a human. Moreover, human agents can take over a conversation whenever a lead seems ready to convert into sales.

Chatbots & Live Chat: Why you need a 3-way conversational AI bot

An AI customer service chatbot can:

  • Offer convenience to customers to ask queries and get answers 24*7.

  • Take no time to provide customers with the ‘best-suited' response to resolve their queries.

  • Enable 98% accuracy in answering queries due to AI-enabled understanding.

  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations, security, and privacy measures.

  • Manage any scale of conversations with high standard quality simultaneously.

But the moment you start looking chatbots as an absolute replacement of humans, issues start surfacing right from there. Humans and AI need to work together to enable the highest quality of customer experience.

This is what makes a 3-way conversation essential between a customer, AI Bot, and a human agent.

1. Easy-to-manage high volumes of complex queries

Customers ask very specific queries nowadays, and they want clear and accurate answers to that. So, you need to have a conversational AI platform to handle such high volumes of complex queries. But, at the same time, your bot must be able to instantaneously hand over a conversation to a human agent whenever necessary. This 3-way approach ensures 100% customer satisfaction, resulting in more sales conversions.

2. Faster onboarding with personalized assistance

While a conversational AI platform ensures automated, faster customer onboarding, 3-way communication can ensure personalized assistance from both virtual and human assistants. Hence, this combination of agents saves your business from slow onboarding and generic assistance given to customers.

3. Omnichannel presence and consistent brand personality

A Conversational AI platform enabled with 3-way conversation feature ensures the same high-quality customer experience across all digital touchpoints. The bot unifies a customer’s conversations with your business on the website, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other channels with a consistent personality. Plus, your human agents get to engage with customers who seek immediate human intervention.

4. Instantaneous chatbot-to-human handover

The idea behind instantaneous bot-to-human handoff is to allow human agents to interact with customers whenever required. Human agents can answer customer queries on the same platform where a bot is interacting. Such 3-way conversations are needed when a bot can’t answer a query, or a customer requests for human assistance immediately.

5. Qualified lead generation 24*7

Leads are valuable when they are qualified. The joined forces of virtual and human assistants on a conversational AI platform allow lead generation and qualification on a larger scale. While the AI engages and qualifies leads 24*7, it also notifies human agents about leads that need to be prioritized when nurturing and converting into sales.

In a nutshell, you shouldn’t leave AI chatbots and human agents working separately in isolation. 3-way conversations are the way-to-go when you want to build a seamless experience for customers.

The value of 3-way conversations for business

Customers value AI-enabled virtual assistants when they are convenient, intuitive, and fast. And, they value human assistants to conduct detailed discussions around a product or service.

When you merge customers, AI chatbot, and human agents on a single platform, it builds an engaging and personalized customer experience environment. This delivers returns in terms of highly valuable customer information, qualified leads, and long-term customer loyalty for your business.

Here are all major areas where your business can attain value from 3-way conversational AI chatbot platform:

  • Immediate responses to impress today’s customers

  • Reduce costs of managing customer queries

  • Smartly use employee skills by automating generic and recurring queries

  • Reach customers across new channels without compromising personalization

  • Increase customer loyalty with frictionless and fast experience

  • Increase customer engagement with consistent communication across online channels

  • Know your customers better via conversations taking place with AI chatbot

  • Build differentiation using a friendly personality of an AI-enabled virtual assistant

And, with all that, you will see your customers’ buying journey getting easier day by day. This will result in massive growth in sales conversions because you know your customers better, remember their preferences, and have built a relationship with your brand.

How ORAI’s 3-way conversational AI Chatbot boosts customer experience and sales conversions

ORAI knows that your customers want a convenient and fast experience without feeling that their questions aren’t being answered properly. Hence, we have developed our Conversational AI platform with an advanced 3-way conversation feature.

With our 3-way communication chatbot solution, you can give the right response to every customer query, every single time. Customers can ask their query to the virtual assistant, or simply request to interact with a human. Our AI instantaneously brings a human into the conversation on the same platform.

While the standard sales conversion in the market today is 5% only, our clients are experiencing 24% sales conversions with the adoption of our 3-way conversational AI chatbot.

Now you need to make a move!

Once you understand what 3-way conversations are and what they do for your business, it becomes impossible to have a generic bot. Sales conversion is the ultimate goal for any business, and every customer wishes to find the desired product/service as quickly as possible. 3-way conversation enabled by our AI chatbot helps customers and businesses reach their mutual goals together.

Contact now to receive a FREE DEMO of our 3-way Conversational AI Chatbot.

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