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5 Parameters to See If Your Current Chatbot Platform Is Working Effectively

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Capabilities of An Effective AI Chatbot which can help in sales automation and lead qualification.
Capabilities of AI Chatbot

With artificial intelligence getting a strong footing across all industries operating online, businesses are rethinking their digital strategies to stay aligned with the latest trends. Chatbots and virtual assistants are the most approachable AI-powered technologies for enterprises right now. Organizations are migrating to modern conversational AI platforms to improve customer experience and real-time engagement.

However, the advancements in the market of AI-powered conversational platform is highly rapid. So, you might be missing out on various exclusive features, if your conversational AI platform doesn’t upgrade itself regularly.

What are the Latest Popular Features of a Modern Conversational AI Platform?

Popular Features of a Modern Conversational AI Platform

While conversational AI is the peak level of chatbots, their effectiveness depends on which AI partner you choose. So, you should meticulously assess your current conversational AI platform for the success rate and ROI it’s delivering to your business.

Which KPIs Should You Focus on?

As an overview of success, you can measure the following indicators with respect to your current chatbot:

  • Customer retention ratio

  • Customer support cost savings

  • Conversion ratio

  • Active bot users

  • Average time spent in every conversation

  • Operation and maintenance cost

The above-mentioned values will help you figure out the true performance of your current virtual assistant bot.

Beyond that, you can also measure with respect to the parameters given below:

1. Customer Satisfaction with Virtual Assistant

The ultimate goal of implementing a conversational AI bot is always associated with customer satisfaction. Therefore, it should be your primary parameter of assessment.

You should keep an eye on the level of satisfaction experienced by every customer after interacting with your virtual assistant. You can ask customers for feedback on your AI chatbot to find out what they feel about it. A rating system would help you easily understand how effective your virtual assistant is in satisfying users.

2. Number of Consumers Who Come Back

Apart from a feedback survey, you can also look into the comeback ratio to understand the performance of your current conversational AI platform.

Find out how many users have come more than once to use the assistance of your AI chatbot. Also, look into the number of users who asked for a live agent after using the bot once.

3. Self-sufficiency

Your virtual conversational assistant should be capable of solving most of the problems for customers. There should be minimal need for bot-to-human transfer to provide the right answers to users.

You should look at the self-sufficiency of your virtual assistant in resolving queries. Also, find out the situations where conversations have been transferred to a live agent. In case of a pattern here, you would know where your conversational AI platform is not up to the mark.

4. Conversational Flow Analytics

Measure the success rate of the conversational flow. If a user has to ask the same query multiple times, it would definitely reduce their level of satisfaction.

People want their problems resolved instantly, and repeating the same thing over and over doesn’t align with that agenda. So, monitor the number of prematurely ended interactions and try finding a pattern in them.

5. Chatbot for Marketing and Sales

Today, AI chatbots are doing more than answering queries. They can initiate conversations with potential customers throughout the marketing and sales stages. The ability to find out and memorize customer preferences allows conversational AI to assist them, give suggestions, and encourage buyers in a friendly manner. Also, several AI platforms can even assess leads and filter good leads from bad leads in real-time.

You can measure these capabilities of your enterprise virtual assistant by looking into the sales conversions and the number of MQLs and SQLs you attain through VA’s conversations.

It’s Time to Choose ORAI!

When you are looking for contextual AI bots aligned with all the above-mentioned parameters, ORAI should be your ultimate choice. Not only do we have an advanced omnichannel conversational AI platform, but our experts keep on adding innovative features and help you leverage them every day as an AI partner.

If your current AI chatbot isn’t amplifying your business performance, or you want to acquire the latest conversational AI technology- come to ORAI.

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