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5 Ways Conversational AI Is Transforming The Hospitality Industry

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Conversational AI Transforming The Hospitality Industry
Conversational AI In Hotel Industry

Being in the hospitality industry, you try everything possible to make travel and stay convenient for your guests. Despite all those efforts, people find it hard to reach out to you whenever they need to get their queries resolved, and coordinate with you for every tiny piece of information they require while traveling.

According to Temkin, 77% of consumers are more likely to recommend your business to their friends after receiving a positive customer service experience.

The same applies to your hospitality business, as word of mouth is a great deal in your industry in terms of brand power, number of guests, and service quality.

Artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry is giving unique opportunities for businesses to become more customer-centric and automate various operations like hotel bookings, query support, payments, guest lead qualification, and a lot more.

With a conversational AI chatbot for hotel, you can successfully fulfill the needs and expectations of today’s digital-savvy guests and travelers. Hospitality chatbots powered by AI are capable of streamlining guest experience across all digital platforms and provide them with hyper-personalized assistance.

But conversational AI chatbot is not the only solution you should be looking for. You need to Look Beyond Chatbot and adopt a Conversational AI Platform.

There are 4 major components of a Conversational AI Platform

1. Conversational AI Chatbot

2. Voice AI

3. Messenger AI (FB + WhatsApp)

4. Predictive Intelligence (Big Data)

Now let’s keep on reading to find out 5 valuable ways conversational AI in the hospitality industry is bringing much-needed improvements.

1. Making Guest Experience Efficient

The guest experience is improving rapidly with AI-enabled automation in the hospitality industry. Be it answering all common or complicated queries instantly, or allowing a human agent to take over a conversation instantaneously whenever required. This way, every new-age hotel chatbot is resolving immediate queries without any delay and reaching out to potential customers 24*7.

2. Saving Time, Cost, and Effort

Real Time Conversation For Hotel Booking  Between Chatbot and Human for Saving Time

Remember all those FAQs and routine queries you get on a daily basis?! Now, all can be resolved simultaneously with automated AI-powered hotel chatbots. You don’t have to have a huge team of human representatives taking care of the same questions over and over 24*7. This is the era of conversational AI technology in the hospitality industry that lets you reduce the time, cost, and effort required for high-quality guest experience online.

3. Enhancing Guest Engagement

A chatbot delivers peak level results when it's powered by AI and integrated across all your online guest touchpoints. Then, an AI hotel bot goes beyond all time-based boundaries to initiate conversations, resolve queries, complete all transactions, and provide travel assistance to engage your existing and potential guests. You can use an omnichannel conversational AI to unify the guest experience across your website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other touchpoints.

4. Capturing Data Treasure

Apart from communicating with your guests online, conversational AI chatbots can also capture valuable data such as their contact details, name, preferences, and more. The AI uses this data to qualify and filter guest leads for you in real-time, so human agents can concentrate on highly qualified leads right away and find ways to nurture guests who seem not-so-interested.

5. Increasing Guest Bookings

With AI in hotel booking, you can expect a rapid acceleration in your business. This happens due to the quality of online assistance, ease of sharing information, automated booking and payments, and improved brand power.

Sounds Interesting?! Come to ORAI.

ORAI is a comprehensive Conversational AI Platform, which is built to integrate all the above-mentioned future disruptive technologies to your online presence.

Artificial intelligence is reaching every hospitality business in the industry. AI-powered hotel booking chatbots go beyond basic automation by adding hyper-personalization in guest experience.

So, do you also want to gain a competitive edge with a robust conversational AI for your hospitality business? Then, come to ORAI- one of the leading conversational AI vendors ready to create a customized, omnichannel experience for your business for complete automation of guest engagement, lead qualification, drip marketing on WhatsApp, and a lot more!

Let's talk about Performance Amplification!

All things Digital, All things AI” to maximize your hospitality business potential.

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