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5 Ways AI-Powered Chatbots Are Transforming The Automotive Industry

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

5 Ways AI Powered Chatbot are Transforming  Automotive Industry
5 Ways AI Powered Chatbot are Transforming Automotive Industry

Artificial intelligence is not a future tech anymore. Both people and businesses are using it more every day. Various industries nowadays rely majorly on using AI-enabled chatbots to offer 24*7 query support and engage customers. The same is visible in the automotive industry. Car dealerships have understood the value of investing in customer-centric technology such as virtual assistants and chatbots to offer better support and a personalized car buying experience.

How the Automotive Industry is Taking Advantage of AI-Powered Chatbots

In a survey conducted by Capgemini, the automotive companies already using voice assistants/chatbots were lower than 50% among all the participants. However, the same survey highlighted that around 70% of consumers said they would prefer AI-enabled assistants over visiting an automotive dealer, bank, or store.

Chatbots hold the key to transforming the automotive industry forever, especially when it comes to customer experience, outreach, engagement, and query support. AI-enabled automotive chatbots are capable of hyper-personalizing vehicle buying experience by recommending the best-suited vehicles to individuals, offering customer services on-demand, solving queries with reliable and swift responses, and improving post-sales services. In fact, automotive companies are using AI in their vehicle systems and infotainment messengers to assist customers in maintaining their vehicles and have a delightful user experience.

Here are 5 most effective ways AI chatbots are bringing a transformative change in the automotive industry :

1. Automated Sales Conversations

As a car dealer, you try to inform your target customers as much as possible through your website, social media, and other digital touchpoints. This information is supposed to make research easier for your potential customers initially. But most customers feel unable to understand and absorb long pieces of content. Dealerships with the ability to connect and help customers in this initial stage successfully maximize their popularity and sales.

When an AI chatbot is deployed in messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, your dealers get to enhance their audience reach, create awareness, and ease the process of research conducted by prospects. A prospect can simply chat with a friendly virtual assistant to get information on car features and schedule test drives. AI chatbots are easy to train to solve queries related to vehicle performance, mileage, and others.

Along with helping buyers in their consideration phase, an AI bot can also engage them smartly by saving them from lengthy contact forms. No user today wants to spend time filling unnecessary information in contact forms and then get spammed later. An AI can acquire necessary information through multiple sources, which saves consumers from filling forms online.

2. Reduced Waiting Period

In today’s fast-paced life, customers desire instant gratification from you – whether it’s the immediate resolution of their query or same-day delivery. Your automotive customers also come to you with the same expectations. So, to stay competitive, you must use tech solutions such as AI chatbots to make the customer experience convenient, personalized, and make support available 24*7.

For most car buyers, a long waiting period while reaching out to a dealership is a deal-breaker. AI bots eliminate this issue with complete automation- allowing buyers to get all information on car models, pricing, and book test drives without even leaving their homes.

A conversational AI bot can even recommend customized offers and car models as per the behavior and browsing history of a customer.

3. Better Service After-Sales

Every car owner spends money on its maintenance and repair every year. While this business should ideally come to you, most car owners choose local mechanics. Hence, you end up missing out on customer engagement and service money in your dealership. An AI-enabled chatbot can resolve this problem by enhancing after-sales customer engagement. It can automatically share information related to maintenance and repair offers specific to the car brand and model of a customer.

For instance, most customers have to connect with your human agent to book a car service appointment, which can take time. But, with a chatbot, your customers can just text the bot to receive instant estimates and schedule service appointments right away. Moreover, you can send automated reminders to your customers so they don’t forget the date and time of the appointment.

This becomes a win-win scenario for both your dealership and your customers- resulting in long-term customer relationships.

4. Reduced Business Costs

If you look at the latest research, chatbots are all set to help businesses save more than $8 billion every year by 2022. So, this is high time for automotive dealerships to get into the chatbot automation train and reduce the cost of marketing, sales, customer support, and post-sales services as well. You can save money and time usually spent on recruiting and training a huge team of human agents to match the fast-paced query resolution demand of customers. Plus, you can save costs on managing service and maintenance appointments as well.

5. Regularize Insurance Renewals

Another important side of the business is insurance renewals in the automotive industry. You can increase the renewal rates simply by effectively managing customer communication from your end. An AI-powered automotive chatbot can send auto-reminders to customers over WhatsApp, exceeding the reach and visibility of insurance renewal information. Integrated with payment links, such reminders reduce manual labor in convincing customers to renew their insurance plans. While dealers get more business, customers can keep their vehicles insured. This way, AI benefits both dealerships and vehicle owners at the same time.

Key Takeaways!

It's time to Go Beyond chatbots and adopt modern business conversational AI platforms which can revolutionize the automotive sector by building lasting customer-dealer relationships and saving money and time for every stakeholder. Meaningful, personalized, and instant interactions are the future of customer engagement. Beyond that, you can expect conversational AI to deliver vehicle diagnostics in the coming future. The chatbots will check the condition of a vehicle and recommend inspections and repairs appointments on time.

ORAI is helping automotive dealerships get closer to a futuristic AI-enabled approach to engaging customers online. Our conversational AI ‘Oshi’ establishes 1:1 instant conversations with customers over text, Voice, and Messenger Apps (WhatsApp, etc.) and is capable of automating query support across all digital channels you want to target. Using our solution platform, you can engage customers pre-sales and post-sales of your vehicles for more business and customer loyalty.

Want to gain all the above-mentioned benefits?!

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