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6 AI Features You Need In A Lead Generation Chatbot For Higher Quality And Quantity Of Leads

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI AI Chatbot for lead generation in various Platforms

Your communication with potential customers has to be-

  • Instant and,

  • Engaging

As businesses try to give personalized information to customers – using an AI-powered lead generation chatbot makes complete sense. But only 37% of the organizations that use chatbots are able to utilize them for marketing and sales purposes, which includes capturing and nurturing leads.

This is why it becomes important that more and more businesses come to know about how chatbot helps in lead generation.

Keeping that in mind, we have listed below 6 major features of an AI lead generation chatbot to maximize the quality and quantity of leads coming your way:

1. Omnichannel Lead Capturing

It’s a fact that you expect leads coming from multiple channels like your website, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Online ads, and even WhatsApp.

So, it’s obvious that most of your prospects are active on all those multiple channels you’re targeting. If you can remember leads across all touchpoints, capturing them would become way easier. This is why you need the omnichannel lead capturing feature in your artificial intelligence chatbot.

With ORAI’s conversational AI platform, you can build and run an omnichannel lead capturing strategy with no hassle. The platform remembers conversations across all customer touchpoints and interacts accordingly to qualify leads in a snap for you.

  • Consistency in conversations with previous interaction memory

  • Automated follow-up messages across channels

  • Allowing prospects to choose any preferred communication platform

2. 24*7 Automated Lead Capturing

It is practically not possible for human agents to stay available 24*7 to answer queries and capture leads. But customers may send queries at odd timings, which is why you need to have an automated system of interacting with those people 24*7. That way, you can ensure that no lead goes unaddressed from your end.

Our conversational AI platform offers a perfect amalgamation of automated response and personalized experience. So, you can capture leads by providing value to every prospect no matter when they choose to connect with your brand.

3. Real-Time Lead Qualification

There’s no point in collecting bad leads that don’t turn into sales closures. But when you have leads coming in 24*7, qualifying them becomes a hectic task. An AI chatbot can help with this aspect of lead generation automation also. The power of artificial intelligence allows a bot to not just collect but assess and validate leads in real-time.

That’s what ORAI brings to your business to automate lead generation. Our virtual assistant qualifies leads in real-time from all the leads captured via your website, social media pages, digital ads, and messaging platforms.

4. Hot, Warm, and Cold Lead Segmentation

The visibility of qualified leads is another important feature you need in a chatbot for lead generation. This process also shouldn’t take any time, so you can prioritize good leads while planning your nurturing strategy.

ORAI’s virtual assistant has been designed to not only capture and qualify but segment your leads also. Integrated to your CRM system, our AI chatbot represents all the captured leads in Hot, Warm, and Cold classifications. Hence, you can devise your lead nurturing plan as per how interested a prospect seems to be in buying your product or services.

5. Same Platform Live Chat Handover

So, you can’t leave any lead waiting for a call from your human agent. They should be addressed instantly whenever required.

This is why ORAI offers its same platform live chat handover, which allows your human agents to take over a conversation from the bot whenever needed. That too, without changing the platform. Your sales reps can engage hot leads instantly and convert them into customers with relevant information and encouragement.

The bot can send alerts to human agents. Plus, it allows them to monitor conversational history between a prospect and the bot to easily understand the context and take over the control.

6. Personalized Information and Offers

Enabled by AI, a lead generation chatbot uses predictive intelligence to personalize the offers and information given to every prospect throughout the sales funnel. Every customer receives promotions based on their interests, previous queries, and purchases.

A personalized approach to nurturing leads is how ORAI enables 380% higher lead engagement, resulting in double-digit conversion rates for businesses.


The essence of having a chatbot for lead generation is to reduce labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks with automation. That way, the process of conversion can start faster.

With ORAI’s all six AI lead generation chatbot features, you can successfully attain automation without losing the personalization or human chat factors.

Get in touch for more information, or to book a FREE DEMO of our platform.

Swapnil Jain CEO-ORAI Robotics LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram


Stay in contact with ORAI LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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