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7 New Ways A Real Estate AI Chatbot Can Empower Your Business Productivity And Profitability

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Ways AI chatbot can empower Real Estate Business
AI Chatbot Benefit in Real Estate Business

If you have been in the real estate business long enough, you already know that a lot of it has gone online. From looking at listings to having a virtual visit of a property, home buyers go to the ‘web’ world to make informed decisions.

According to a home buyer and seller report, 50 percent of home buyers go online to search for listings. It’s so obvious if you look at how digitization of information has made house searching so easy.

While business has become easier, the service quality bar has been raised in the real estate market. Thankfully, there are AI chatbots available to manage all the repetitive and mundane tasks. Even complex tasks can be given to advanced conversational AI nowadays. Hence, realtors can give more time to building relationships, which is the most important part of running a real estate business.

Here, in this post, you will understand 7 new ways a real estate chatbot can empower your business productivity and profitability.

1. Assist Prospects even after Working hours

As a busy realtor, it seems almost impossible to take every call and respond to every chat coming from a prospective customer. But every time you fail to answer a query immediately, it takes away a potential real estate customer from your business. In that case, you can either have a huge team of skilled agents to answer every chat or call from prospects 24*7. Or, you can empower the productivity of your current team of agents with an AI-powered real estate chatbot.

Smart virtual assistants don’t need any breaks during the day or at night. They can manage multiple queries coming from any number of customers simultaneously. Hence, they can assist human agents by taking over several types of queries and questions to provide valuable information instantly to prospects. They can promote property listings, collect contact details, and schedule visits for prospects to engage throughout the buying or selling of a property.

2. Qualify Real Estate Leads Faster

Getting traffic on your website, social media page, and emails is a great deal. But the real challenge begins after that when you try to qualify your leads and nurture them. A property chatbot can greet and engage people whether they come to your website, social media page, click on Google ads, or choose a messaging platform like WhatsApp.

An AI-powered real estate chatbot can flexibly change its greeting message based on a user’s intent in buying, selling, or renting a property. At the same time, these bots find a natural, friendly way to qualify leads. So, your realtors can prioritize the most promising leads to shorten the cycle of completing a deal successfully.

3. Schedule Property Tours and Meetings

No one can deny the importance of personal meetings, live chats, and 1-on-1 calls in property buying and selling. Personal interactions allow realtors to have a deep understanding of what a customer wants. But the challenge is that your real estate agent can’t connect with all prospects simultaneously. This is why you would want to have meetings with every interested prospect. A real estate chatbot can automate this process and efficiently schedule meetings between realtors and prospects.

After presenting property listings, an AI chatbot can ask a prospect if he or she wants to visit the property or meet a realtor. A prospect can simply ask the bot to schedule a visit at their convenience. This way, you won’t be constantly worrying about collecting new contacts. A virtual assistant will be there 24*7 to do that for you.

4. Instant Customer-realtor Chat Automation on WhatsApp

Adding to scheduling meetings, conversational AI is now enabling real estate agencies to have 1-on-1 interactions with interested clients on the same chat platform. WhatsApp Automated Chatbots which are powered by artificial intelligence, allow a human agent to take over a conversation whenever a customer asks for it. This instantaneous bot-to-human transfer has made business more profitable for realtors, as they can seal deals faster and nurture leads proactively.

5. Understand What your customers want

Your ability to attract property buyers and renters will depend on how successfully you match their budget and interests. A real estate chatbot is the most friendly and efficient way to collect a wide range of data from your target market. Chats between prospects and bot will result in rich insights on what sort of properties people are looking for, which neighbourhood locations are most popular, what the right budget is for target customers, and a lot more. Hence, you can drive your business towards more property sales in an efficient manner.

6. Best way to engage young Property Buyers

A huge market of property buyers and renters include young people, who are highly tech-savvy. More than 50% of millennial consumers prefer live chat instead of calling a brand to contact their human agents. So, real estate businesses need to invest in AI chatbot technology to successfully engage all young property buyers. A bot that can remember the preference of your prospects will definitely impress them, resulting in a competitive edge for your business.

7. Get maximum return from social media and messaging platform

Along with a real estate website with a chatbot, you can integrate it seamlessly across all social media platforms and messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more. This omnichannel integration will bring qualified real estate leads to your business from all directions in real-time.

Key takeaways!

No one can replace your finest real estate agents. However, a real estate chatbot can absolutely increase its productivity with query support automation, contact collection, and lead qualification.

If you don’t know much about AI chatbots, contact our experts to ask all questions you have in your mind right now!

Or, you can schedule a Free Real Estate Chatbot Demo with ORAI!

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CEO-ORAI Robotics

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