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Automate and grow your Business with WhatsApp Commerce

ORAI's blog on Automate & grow your Business with WhatsApp Commerce
WhatsApp Commerce for your business!

WhatsApp Business is simple, efficient and convenient for customers as well as organizations. These WhatsApp Chatbots are the pioneers of Conversational AI, which helps businesses better understand their customers.

This feature has the main advantage of integrating WhatsApp and eCommerce. WhatsApp's tap and chat feature allow users to order groceries. Customers can add items to their shopping carts and then pay via Debit/credit or UPI or net banking or cash on delivery.

Conversational commerce can be described as e-commerce that is supported by conversational AI solutions such as AI-powered chatbots or voice assistants. It supplies a wide range of features that assist customers in product discovery, analysis and final purchase. This improves the customer experience through conversational commerce. It also encourages sales and marketing simultaneously.

Why WhatsApp commerce can be a benefit to businesses?

WhatsApp Business Platform, or WhatsApp API, is vital for any business regardless of its size. They can increase customer engagement which is essential for any business's long-term success. They can interact with customers via their WhatsApp-integrated E-commerce stores. This improves customer experience and increases brand recall.

A WhatsApp business profile helps businesses increase visibility and allows them to connect directly with customers. This aids in increasing the company's potential growth. Businesses can also provide customer information through this profile. This profile makes it easier for customers to establish connections with your company. This will ensure that you remain connected with every customer.

Conversational AI is now a viable option for marketing and sales. The e-commerce sector uses conversational commerce because of the wide reach that chatbots and messaging apps, voice assistants, and love chats offer in customer engagement.

Numerous factors point to WhatsApp as the future of commerce. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. It also has many features that make it a great platform for businesses to do business. It is a key contributor to Conversational AI. WhatsApp is also introducing more elements to improve the user experience. It is now a virtual assistant to digital commerce.

Benefits of WhatsApp Commerce:
  • Getting Referrals

  • Updating Customer Information

  • Retargeting Abandoned Carts

  • Order Tracking

  • Automated Lead generation

  • Drip Marketing

  • Order Placement

  • Payment Assistance

  • Requesting for Feedback

  • Answering Repetitive Questions

  • Handling Replacement or Refund Requests

  • Recommending Products

And more...!

How can ORAI Delight your customers through real-time conversations?

1. Redefine your Customer Engagement and in-store shopping Experience
  • Product information

  • Engaging buying experience

  • Relevant offers

  • Personalized Notification

2. FAQ Automation with Virtual Assistant to Save Time
  • Answer questions 24*7

  • Automated and personalized replies

  • Increase business productivity

  • Instant handover to human agents

3. Enable Instant Payments on WhatsApp
  • Reduces friction and allows for seamless payments within the app

  • Enable UPI transactions through WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp payments support all leading wallets

Want to evaluate WhatsApp Commerce for your business?

WhatsApp marketing is becoming more popular as consumers increasingly prefer text messaging to mobile. WhatsApp provides a casual environment where businesses can share special deals, promotions, and more.

ORAI is a conversational AI and customer engagement platform that uses chatbots and AI chatbots to facilitate e-commerce. ORAI's WhatsApp Commerce will amplify your customer communication.

Contribute to the shopping experience of your customers with ORAI.

Click here to chat over WhatsApp. Or you can register for a FREE DEMO session right away!

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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