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Conversational AI For Next-Gen Customer-Centric Omnichannel Engagement Strategy

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Conversational AI and omnichannel  Strategy to a well connected digital  Platform
Omnichannel Strategy

Conversational AI and omnichannel are made for each other. Their combination enables accurate, speedy, and seamless conversations between any business and customers across all digital platforms. Simultaneously, it increases efficiency and saves money, which is making modern businesses highly interested in omnichannel chatbots that are powered by artificial intelligence.

Omnichannel marketing with AI chatbot is exceptionally famous in these domains:

  • Retail

  • Healthcare

  • Automobile

  • Travel

  • Booking

  • Delivery

  • Consulting

  • Human Resource

  • Real Estate

And more!

What is Omnichannel?

Omnichannel takes your modern business one step further than a multi-channel marketing strategy. The core of omnichannel lies in ensuring a single, seamless customer journey across all digital channels.So, a customer can choose to switch from one platform to another, but you, as a business, should remember his or her name, preferences, intents, and conversational history. This way, you utilize all digital channels such as your website, messaging apps, and social media platforms in a unified manner for consistent customer experience.

Multichannel vs Omnichannel: How They Differ

Difference between multi channel and omnichannel

How Businesses Can Build a Next-Gen Customer-Centric Omnichannel Engagement Strategy

Omnichannel is not just a good-to-have strategy anymore, but an important customer-centric marketing model to engage modern consumers.

The following fundamental steps will help you adopt and maintain an omnichannel approach:

1. Plan from your customer’s point of view

Keeping customers at your engagement strategy’s core, you need to evaluate where your buyers go to interact and buy from your business online. Then, you can find a way to unify all those touchpoints for a consistent experience.

2. Be present wherever your customers are online

Carefully identify all key channels and make sophisticated touchpoints on them to deliver a consistent engagement experience wherever your customers spend time.

3. Understand the buying stage of every customer

Successful engagement means that you go to your customer with the information he or she needs. You shouldn’t send a demo video to a customer if he has already picked up your product and looking for payment assistance while purchasing.

4. Give value with personalized communication

Beyond knowing your customer touchpoints, you need to connect with them on a personal level, so they feel valued. Every interaction should be relevant to what they want, and how they’re feeling. This will increase sales closures and customer satisfaction as well.

Put Customers Right on Top

What do prospects and customers want from you? It might seem a simple question, but organizations find it hard to maintain these:

  • Relevant and instant support

  • High-quality assistance online

  • Seamless user journey across all touchpoints

  • Easy-to-use interface to make every purchase a matter of several clicks

Achieving this is possible only when businesses learn to identify and monitor the customer journey, collect data, and provide instant answers to queries and questions. But companies face 3 big obstacles while trying to do it :

  • Lack of efficient technology to interpret and process Big Data accurately

  • Inability to achieve automation without losing human touch in customer service

  • Difficulty in identifying a customer between channels

Conversational AI is a 100% correct answer to resolving all mentioned problems. Here’s why.

6 Abilities of A Conversational AI Platform You Can Use For Omnichannel Strategy

The objective behind choosing an omnichannel strategy over multichannel is delivering a consistent experience to customers across all digital channels. To actually achieve this goal, you need a conversational AI platform with omnichannel capabilities like these:

1. Seamless function across channels

When customers go online, they expect you to provide a consistent experience no matter which platform they choose- website, mobile app, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Ads, or any other. They might even change platforms in the middle of a conversation. Even this shouldn’t interrupt the flow of conversation.

This is what a reliable conversational AI should do for your digital presence. It should memorize the conversational history across multiple channels and work seamlessly.

2. Engagement with hyper-personalized conversations

Generic information doesn’t work anymore. Customers don’t like unengaging and shallow conversations, which is why an AI bot has to be smart enough to flexibly adapt to the specific needs of every individual while talking.

Hyper-personalization means- not only a bot can understand the meaning of words but also draw intentions, and emotions out of it give an appropriate response.

3. Real-time assessment of customer insights

While interacting with a prospect or a customer, an AI-powered omnichannel chatbot should be able to assess and validate data such as names, contact details, historical preferences, and more. This real-time assessment helps to nurture leads across all targeted platforms.

4. Smart use of existing content

The Conversational AI should be intelligent enough to know when to use the right set of content that would help a prospect or customer make a wise decision. It could be videos, PDFs, product lists, links, or any other format of content, depending on the capabilities of channels a virtual agent is being used on.

5. Giving modernized, useful assistance to users

A conversational AI bot can’t just be all about holding basic conversations, otherwise, it won’t increase engagement. It has to have deep knowledge of initiating and managing intelligent conversations, especially related to the common pain points customers usually ask you to address.

6. Learning customer preferences quickly

The advantage of having a conversational AI platform over generic chatbots is its ability to keep on learning from ongoing conversations with users and improve interactions as per personal preferences and other new information captured.

Are You Interested in Having an Omnichannel Conversational AI Bot?

Now, you know how closely omnichannel strategy and conversational AI are related to each other. If it makes you as excited as other businesses are nowadays, come to ORAI. We will make your business omnichannel-ready with our conversational AI platform and services.

Have more questions?! Don’t hold them, contact us now to get a FREE DEMO.

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