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Conversational AI to enhance your onboarding customer experience

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

ORAI blog on Conversational AI to enhance your Onboarding customer Experience
Conversational AI for customer service

Customer onboarding is among the first steps that a buyer might take after purchasing from an organization.

There are numerous ways to register customers, ranging from traditional face-to-face meetings to paper-based forms and mobile or web-based forms that are accessible via web chat or phone calls. Each method has its own problems due to excessive costs or delays, inconvenience, or inaccuracies.

It's vital to remember that onboarding is not only about creating an account or downloading an app it is about helping customers comprehend how your product works and how it can add value to their lives.

Implementing virtual Conversational AI solutions, AI Chatbots and User Onboarding Chatbot experiences can be more efficient, providing an easier experience for clients and a faster time to earn for businesses.

It can be a fantastic method of introducing customers to the company as they assist new customers and users by offering a chat-based interface that is simple to use, easy to access and easy to use. Benefits of AI chatbot to help onboard customers:

  • Keeping Up with the Trends

  • Improved Customer Service

  • Increased Customer Engagement

  • Monitoring Consumer Data & Gaining Insights

  • Better Lead Generation, Qualification and Nurturing

  • An Easier Way towards Global Markets

  • Cost Savings

Diverse ways Conversational AI can help in onboarding customers

1. Faster onboarding, better retention

If you automate all the initial setup procedures. Customers can board on their schedule, all day long.

Through Conversational AI, it is possible to automate the onboarding process by offering customers the flexibility to board all day or at night and finish the journey at the time that they prefer.

Conversational AI can operate continuously and reduces the risk of losing a customer if they move their business and then consider their options and then stop.

2. Saves cost & time

Traditionally, onboarding occurs with the assistance of a live person who assisted the users, one by one. If a session ended because of an error, then the user will have to begin again using an entirely new agent. This can be quite frustrating which causes users to lose interest before even making the switch.

Chatbots keep the conversation going from previous conversations and pick up the place where the conversation ended, cutting down on time and preventing the drop-off of rate. It also lowers costs for support through automation of repetitive tasks for humans (such as answering frequently asked questions) while improving the quality of service while improving the service quality.

3. Reduce churn rate

Attention churns may be brief, and customers may without much effort move on to another area of online businesses. Thus, it is crucial to ensure a pleasant beginning encounter, and allow them to connect with customers as quickly as is reasonable and on their own time and terms before they change their perspective or cease to be interested.

The chatbot will respond promptly with no delays that are experienced in live chat conditions. It is also able to automatize the journey so that customers get started faster, like accessing vital documents or information immediately.

However, what happens to those who cut off part of their route during onboarding but did not continue through the process? The bot could also engage with these customers by sending them updates and then bringing them back to the onboarding process, so they finish the journey.

4. Lower Customer-drove Approach

With the help of Conversational AI chatbots, meetings can be conducted over the interval that best suits the individual client, with the bot waiting to take off whenever and wherever it is needed, and the onboarding process could be conducted. The bot also allows conversations to be automated, removing the need for human workers to perform routine tasks or respond to queries so they can hone on more complex problems. Thus, the bot acts as a viable alternative and is available all throughout the day, all day long and can operate in a way that is unpredictable and is more a result of the needs of the customer.

5. 24*7 support & assistance

Onboarding bots can provide information about your product as well as answer questions regarding the way it functions or what features are included within it. Onboarding chatbots doubles as FAQ chatbot that responds to questions from users about the platform 24*7. This can help users to feel comfortable with the software by helping them understand the basics of how it functions before they begin using it.

6. Omnichannel customer experience

The power of messaging Apps like WhatsApp, and Facebook messenger has seen incredible growth in recent years. These apps are now becoming essential to how companies collaborate with their clients, opening an alternative method of onboarding clients.

Facilitating correspondence via a client's preferred method of communication and providing an onboarding process that is consistent enhances the accommodation and customer experience. Additionally, it will help local organizations reach clients faster and more efficiently.

7. Automated & Advanced Conversational AI

An onboarding AI can begin to handle basic onboarding, but it can also quickly plan and determine ways to be more efficient and manage more errands during the trip. In addition, the AI can transfer the chat to a human expert accordingly. As the bot manages the increasing number of conversations with clients during their journey, they become more intelligent at comprehending the customer's plans and reacting to customers in an advanced way. After a certain period, the bot will also be ready to handle new and unpredictable steps.

8. Collect feedback & reviews

Chatbot onboarding flows can provide you feedback about how your product functions on various platforms, how your customers find your product, and the time it takes people to be accustomed to the design and functions. This information will assist you in improving your product in line with customer preferences and requirements to ensure that more users be inclined to return to it at some point soon.

Drive Better Business Outcome with Conversational AI

Chatbots are gradually establishing their position in every online field.

ORAI’s Conversational AI is fascinating since it allows you to interact with users and concentrate on specific tasks without needing massive budgets from developers or designers. It allows you to concentrate on specific users while ensuring an enjoyable onboarding experience for users at every stage.

To find out more about how quickly and efficiently an AI bot can improve the efficiency of your customer onboarding process, chat with us, or request a FREE demo.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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