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Features of AI Chatbot for Universities, Colleges & Higher Education Institutes

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

People who keep an eye on the Chatbot industry are witnessing an exponential rise in the intelligence of this technology. Chatbots are being coupled with Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enhance the engagement level with users. AI-powered bots learn and understand the context to deliver highly impactful conversations. In short, chatbots have become more human in terms of driving conversations forward instead of breaking it into pieces.

Almost every industry is adopting intelligent chatbots, whether you look at Healthcare, FinTech, E-commerce, or Education. While the education sector has been reluctant to adopt advanced technologies in the past, universities, colleges, and higher education institutes are now eager to leverage the latest Chatbot technologies.

And, it has been possible because AI Chatbots brought excellent features to the table for the education industry. Let’s discuss those features in detail!

AI Chatbot Features for Higher Education Institutes, Universities & Colleges

A student researches for universities, colleges, and higher education institutes with a wide range of questions. “How can I register?”, “What courses are available?”, “Which courses are suitable for me?”, “What is the eligibility criteria?”, “Can I attain financial aid?” and many other queries come to mind of a prospective student.

AI Chatbots can answer these questions immediately and efficiently, so students can avoid reading a long FAQ document. This instant response improves student experience, generates quality leads, and reduces the bounce rate as well.

Here are more features of AI Chatbots creating a buzz in the higher education industry:

1. Instant Query Solution

A student who is looking for admission can seek guidance via different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In or the official website of an institution. A well-integrated AI Chatbot can answer queries in any and every platform regarding admission procedures, scholarships, fees, eligibility, and more.

Instead of scrolling web pages, students can simply ask their questions to an intelligent Chatbot for an instant and relevant answer. AI Chatbots can even schedule a chat or call with a counselor.

2. 24*7 Customer Assistance with A Chatbot

With all digital channels at disposal, a student can choose any time to ask queries. Traditional 9 to 5 customer assistance doesn’t seem effective for universities and colleges anymore. Instant assistance has to be present all the time. If your website’s live chat feature goes offline at any moment, it will frustrate many prospective students. And, frustrated students are likely to leave your site and lose interest in your institution.

What is the solution?

Implement an AI Chatbot, and you will allow students to receive 24/7 assistance, upgrading student experience by multiple notches. Your chatbot will build and enhance institutional credibility with each resolved query. This will also take away a lot of pressure from your human live chat representatives and make customer assistance cost-efficient as well.

3. Qualified Lead Generation

Relevance is a big factor when it comes to attaining traffic on your university website or admission landing page. You might get huge online traffic, but conversion rates can still be low if those prospective students aren’t looking for the courses you offer. At the same time, you will lose your relevant traffic as well if the concentration is solely on generating leads with promotional content.

AI Chatbots beautifully merge student assistance with lead generation through effective conversations. Students get all their queries resolved, which increases the number of qualified leads rapidly.

4. Cost Per Lead Reduction With Chatbot

With a dual ability to help students and generate qualified leads, an AI Chatbot can reduce cost per lead for your education institute. After satisfying the needs of an individual, AI Chatbot can politely request for registration.

5. C.R.M Integration & Dashboard

When an AI Chatbot contains an interactive and visualized dashboard, you get to monitor every chatbot-visitor conversation in detail. You can prioritize leads by comparing their qualification, pain points, and demands. Integrate this database with your university’s C.R.M., and it will give you in-depth indices and metrics related to campaigns, site growth, conversion rate, and more.

6. Chatbot On Landing Page

Most prospective students would prefer an AI Chatbot conversation instead of lengthy contact and registration forms. Adding an AI Chatbot to your landing page can boost conversion with crisp and instant information.

7. Reduction in Bounce Rate

By offering a natural and interactive conversation, an AI-powered Chatbot engages visitors for longer durations on your website, increasing their retention period. Longer retention time reduces the bounce rate that is an important SEO factor when you want to rank high in Google web searches.

8. Customer Service With Personalization

Technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence support advanced Chatbots to figure out the demographics and emotions of prospective students. AI Chatbots can remember the history of their interactions and use that knowledge to interact with future visitors. Each response is compiled by a Chatbot as per the requirements and emotions of your potential students.

So, now you know why an AI Chatbot must be a part of your institution’s student outreach strategy.

How ORAI helps Higher Education Institutes to achieve their goals

ORAI offers its AI-powered virtual assistant “Oshi” for higher education institutes that covers every goal you can think of. From pre-admission information and lead generation to marketing integrations and on-campus support, ORAI’s AI Chatbot does it all for Universities, colleges, and higher education institutes.


AI-supported Chatbot technology is the future of student outreach and student experience for colleges. Not only does it satisfy the needs of students but creates a flourishing marketing and management environment for administrators of higher education institutes.

Feeling ready to adopt an AI Chatbot? Get in touch for a free demo at, or give us a call at 8660161319 Stay connected!

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

Stay in contact with ORAI

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