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How is WhatsApp chatbot for business uplifting Conversational Commerce?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on What is Conversational Commerce? How is WhatsApp chatbot for business uplifting Conversational Commerce?
WhatsApp Business chatbot uplifting Conversational Commerce

Thanks to WhatsApp people have drawn closer than before in terms of communication. However, WhatsApp isn’t limited to being a channel of communication for friends, family and acquaintances, but have been helping businesses expand and reach customers directly. More than 75% of customers are more likely to spend more on a brand if they allow text-based communication over calling.

WhatsApp Business Chatbot is easy, convenient and efficient for organizations as well as customers. These WhatsApp Chatbots have led the way for Conversational AI to help businesses understand their customer a little better.

The E-commerce industry is a rapidly growing industry and it has been quite some time when Digital Transformation has penetrated deep into its functioning. From AR enhancing customer shopping experience to conversational commerce, voice searches and on-site personalization, e-commerce is absorbing the most of Digital Transformation to value-add its business through its customers.

What is Conversational Commerce?

Conversational commerce is referred to as e-commerce supported by conversational AI solutions like Ai-powered chatbots and even voice assistants. It constitutes a dynamic range of features helping customers through product discovery to the analysis of final purchase, improving the complete shopping experience through conversations in conversational commerce. It promotes sales and marketing at the same time.

How does Conversational Commerce Work for e-commerce businesses?

The era of aggressive marketing with cold emails and pop-ups have been overpowered with personalization. Conversational Commerce is a medium through which AI chatbots for e-commerce platforms can connect directly to their customers and try to elevate their buying experience.

Among many AI-chatbots, WhatsApp Business Chatbots has become a very effective medium that is preferred by e-commerce industries. Proving Support or sending rich media, end-to-end encrypted conversational features are all provided through WhatsApp Business Chatbot.

What are the Various Types of Conversational Commerce?

1. Live Chat

Live chat is a suitable form of communication for e-commerce businesses. Here the customer is attended by an agent from the customer support team. This provides the customers to address their queries directly to the representative and sort it out. Live Chat reduces wait time and boosts customer experiences.

2. AI-Chatbot

AI Chatbots for e-commerce can be a unique feature that can provide the most to customers. It can be deployed on the website and over messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. It automates the entire process by allowing a seamless experience for more than one customer at a time.

3. Messaging Apps

This is one of the most popular types of Conversational Commerce at present. E-commerce businesses prefer to connect over messaging apps as it is expected to receive instant anticipated results. The opening rate of such conversational commerce is much higher than any other type, as consumers tend to spend adequate time over these apps.

4. Voice Assistants

This is another form of Conversational Commerce that processes voice commands and reverts to the user. Voice Assistants have been in and around e-commerce for some time now and they help customers to find their desired products and throughout the shopping experience by enabling easy checkout etc. It also provides an opportunity for marketers to engage customers with interactive ads and add a touch of personalization to them.

Why is Conversational Commerce Beneficial for E-commerce Business?

As listed above, with the various type of Conversational Commerce, businesses get an upper hand to offer an unmatched experience and retain customers. But what are the benefits that are in store for businesses? Let’s find out.

1. Creates Opportunities for Upselling

Messaging apps and Voice assistants are great tools to up sale and cross-sales products. While voice assistants can let you know what are the effective and trendy products used by all in the market, messaging apps can remind you if you are out of a particular product which you bought in your previous purchase. It also showcases offers and discounts on products or items making your customer visit your platform at least once.

2. Minimize Card Abandonment

This is a serious issue with e-commerce businesses. While customers either use their cart as a wishlist or change their mind about purchasing the items due to the shipping charge or sign up for the first feature. Conversational Commerce can be beneficial to solve this major issue by either assisting customers during checkout and smoothening the entire process.

3. Boost Sales

Conversational Chatbots and Messaging apps have the potential to boost sales by simply updating and notifying customers about an upcoming event with discounts and offers. Messaging apps are also helpful to send revised prices of products in customers’ Wishlist or even carts. Thus, maximizing sales and generating revenue for the business.

4. Capture Feedback

AI-powered chatbots are great to capture customer feedback than calls or emails. Live-in chats are also helpful in the case of requesting feedback. The customer formulates an idea that they are heard and thus businesses can adopt certain feedbacks into their processes. It is an efficient way of building brand loyalty.

Conversational AI for business is becoming a convenient option for sales and marketing. Conversational commerce is being used by the e-commerce industry because of the extensive reach that voice assistants, chatbots, messaging apps and love chats offer when it comes to customer engagement.

ORAI as a conversational ai and customer engagement platform uses conversational chatbots and ai-chatbots for e-commerce. Amplify communication with your customer with ORAI’s WhatsApp chatbot for business. Contribute to the shopping experience of your customers with ORAI.

Click here to chat over WhatsApp. Or, you can register for our FREE DEMO session right away. Swapnil Jain CEO-ORAI Robotics LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Stay in contact with ORAI LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

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