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How Three-Way Communication Is Influencing Customer Conversations

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

How Three-Way Communication Is Influencing Customer Conversations

When powered by artificial intelligence, chatbots streamline a wide range of business processes saving a lot of resources and time. You can unify marketing, customer support, lead generation, and conversion strategies together. For that, you need to Go Beyond Chatbots with an AI chatbot in the centre of everything.

Another advantage of AI in chatbots is your ability to tackle situations that require human intervention in real-time. A well-designed conversational AI can make bot-to-human handoff possible whenever required.

In this post, you will understand

1. 3-way communication in its depths and figure out how it can positively impact Conversations in your business.

2. How you can have a 3-way conversation over WhatsApp chatbot.

What is Three-Way Communication?

When a one-on-one conversation happens between your customer and an AI chatbot, the bot tries to give the most relevant responses. The AI understands the context and emotions of a customer to respond with an appropriate answer. However, there can be scenarios where a customer would prefer to talk to a human agent.

Maybe a customer looks so interested in your product or service that human intervention can ensure conversion immediately. Or maybe, a customer is asking a complicated query, which the bot is unable to respond to. This is when 3-way conversations come into play.

In a three-way conversation, an AI chatbot connects human agents to customers in real-time. And, even human agents can decide to jump into a bot-customer conversation whenever it seems necessary.

What is the Impact of Three-Way Communication?

Customers feel more satisfied when they see how your business is there to help them instantly, which results in more conversions. The focal theme in doing all this is improving customer experiences. Through this broad perspective, you can even positively impact on your lead generation strategies, conversions, operational cost, and customer education process as well.

More than 79% of customers give extensive importance to the ability to talk to knowledgeable human associates. A 3-way conversation applied to your entire customer journey enables human agents to engage prospective customers when they are most interested in a product or service. This takes away the delay between capturing leads and nurturing them for faster conversions.

Benefits of Three-Way Communication

Enabled with a “three-way communication” feature, an advanced AI chatbot can amplify modern-day businesses in many ways.

Time to think beyond conventional chatbots.

1. Answer complex queries with human creativity

Every now and then, customers ask queries that require the creativity of a human, not a bot. An AI chatbot can tackle these situations by including a human agent instantaneously on the same chat platform.

It usually happens in situations when a problem goes even beyond the flexible conversational flow of an AI. This is when 3-way communication plays a vital role- allowing human agents to use their problem-solving abilities without wasting any time.

2. Support customers who prefer chatting with a human agent

At times, customers don’t prefer chatting with a virtual assistant. Even with the best kind of AI and ML, some people refrain from sharing their details with an AI. This can be a huge hurdle in capturing leads and turning them into conversions. Hence, bot-to-human handovers become necessary from the “user preference” perspective.

With 3-way conversations, you can give a choice to your prospective customers and assist them exactly the way they prefer. This results in surprising increments in terms of conversions

3. Quickly respond to hot leads

When a prospective customer is likely to convert faster, the presence of an AI chatbot is excellent for real-time assistance. But, at the same time, it would be more beneficial if an AI bot can work hand-in-hand with your human employees enabling 3-way conversations.

While the AI deciphers the profile of a prospect immediately, a human agent can take over the conversation to further qualify and convert a deal. This way, your business can massively grow the conversion rates that come from all digital touchpoints.

How ORAI is Taking Advantages

ORAI has successfully combined and integrated the power of AI technology with a 3-way communication feature in a single modern conversational AI chatbot platform. The Globally scalable platform is now making customer support, lead generation and conversion strategies deliver higher ROI for small and large business models globally.

1. Highly humanized conversations

You can scale up from Customer-AI communication to Customer-AI-Human Agent communication. This adds another layer of humanization in customer conversations, making the experience more personalized. Hence, improved customer satisfaction drives more conversions.

2. Instant response to any kind of query

With our AI technology and 3-way communication feature, no customer query will go unresolved. While our virtual assistant can answer all complex queries, it can also hand over queries to human agents whenever a creative solution is required. This all happens in real-time and on the same chat platform, which brings no interruption in customer experience.

3. Seamless bot-to-human transition and monitoring

You can expect seamless bot-to-human and human-to-bot transitions with ORAI’s AI Platform. At the same time, your human agents can monitor the historical as well as real-time bot-customer conversations to keep the context in mind while taking over a conversation.


The lesson is pretty clear! It's time to go beyond chatbots! Both chatbots and humans bring valuable strengths to a conversation with customers. Our 3-way communication combines both the strengths together to back your conversion efforts in terms of efficiency, productivity, and ROI.

So, there are many reasons why you should adopt a modern business conversational AI chatbot platform with 3-way conversation feature. All those reasons lead to higher sales every day, and you see your Performance Amplified.

Give us a call to have a perfect AI chatbot in place with excellent three-way conversation capabilities.

We are willing to give you a FREE DEMO whenever you need.

Stay connected! Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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