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How to keep your business running during Novel Coronavirus outbreak; explained in simple 11 points

Updated: May 7, 2020

If you haven’t been living under a rock for a few months now, you will surely know about one of the most feared viruses of the 21st century and that’s Novel Coronavirus. So, as a responsible business owner and to maintain business continuity, we must stay safe, take precautionary measures, and educate employees and customers on how to remain unharmed from #Coronavirus.

A Few Important Tips for businesses:

Here are a few important tips that will render some amazing guidelines on how to keep your business running a frictionless manner both – online and offline.

Take Charge and Keep Your Business Safe: Keep your staff and employees updated with all the latest news about coronavirus in multiple languages and don’t encourage gossips on this topic as negative information on Coronavirus can harm someone’s mindset and they might start feeling uncomfortable.

1. Be Unambiguous: Go for a proactive approach to communication. Here are a few ways by which you can reach out to your employees and customers like a cakewalk.

· Utilize Chatbots & live chat for customers and employees

· Use email marketing to send all important messages with CTA to connect with Virtual Assistants

· Make a forum and ask your employees and customers to put their suggestions

· Write a blog or an article on how you’re keeping your business and employees safe

· Be active on social media and update all relevant information there

· Make effective use of Digital/Online Marketing and refrain offline activities

2. Work from Home: You can guide them to start working from home. Also, create and maintain hygiene checks at workstation for all your employees and yourself. If for any reason the work demand to come to the office, ask them to travel in a personal vehicle and avoid taking any public transportation.

3. Defer Appointments and Events: Kindly, make sure that all events, including seminars, presentations, get-together, annual functions, etc. have been delayed. Refrain from attending events and postpone your appointments. If you’re a service-based organization, consider extending the expiration date of your service(s).

4. Quick Response to Refunds: Avoid all types of chargeback and handle refunds as quickly as you can. As a business owner, you must understand what your customers/clientele needs; if you can offer some kind of vouchers or coupons to your customers so that they will return to you. Furthermore, you can exhibit your class, value, and patience via your deeds.

5. Update Details on Your Website: Keep your website(s) up to date by uploading all major information, i.e. work-timing change or consignment delays and service delays. Keep your clientele in loop and if possible, add a FAQ section to your website where all questions regarding coronavirus or any relevant things are answered.

6. Consider ChatBot / Virtual Assistants: Business should strongly consider implementing AI-Powered Robotic Virtual Assistant in all your digital platforms eg. Website, Social Media, Digital Ads, etc. With advance technologies like ORAI ROBOTICS, which helps businesses connect with customers over WhatsApp with automation, works 24x7 and can be implemented quickly for the businesses.

7. Adapt to Various Payment Options: You can try to utilize the friendliest way of payment in such a scenario, i.e. “tap” payment. The best part is this is a contactless-type of payment and you can motivate your clientele to start paying you online via available modes of payment like internet banking or UPI. If somehow you are using a POS system, you can disable the on-screen signatures to stay away from contact. In short, start digitizing all payments as soon as possible.

8. Make the Event/Meetings Online: This is the best way to stay away from all kinds of mishaps. If possible, you can give the offline event an online approach and organize a webinar that will keep everyone informed. Use Video Conferencing tools, Facebook Live, Instagram TV, Periscope, or create a Live Stream to move your meetings/events online.

9. Install Hygiene Stations: Installing hygiene stations is a very good idea. You can give alcohol-based hand sanitizers, natural neem-based boiled water for cleaning hands, etc. to the employees, visitors, customers, etc. in their hygiene stations. These steps will help you exceed employee's expectations and appreciate the efforts owners are keeping to keep everyone healthy.

10. Encourage to Self-Quarantine: If needed, follow local health regulations and assist yourself in following Self-Quarantine methods. There are enough resources available online to study and adopt Self-Quarantine practices.

11. Go for Online Conversations: Encourage your customers to engage in online conversations with your business. Run an online ad campaign to attract more customers and divert them to real-time online conversations. Offer coupon codes, vouchers, discounts, etc to retain your customer base.

So, that's everything about coronavirus and its precautionary measures you need to know as a business owner. We thought of writing this blog because maintaining a good and healthy society falls within our corporate social responsibility. We hope you have enjoyed reading this blog.

Do you think we missed something? If yes, feel free to mention it in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you!


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