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Is IVR System capable of improving the entire customer Service Experience for Customers?

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on how IVR system is improving customer service experience
IVR system improving the entire Customer Service Experience

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a simple yet efficient tool. Leveraging your business to effectively meet the demands of your customer, IVR serves the purpose of prioritizing customers over long-agent calls. A well-designed IVR can help your customers self-serve and create operations seamless and hassle-free.

It is reported that around 90% of customers want a quick response to their calls and queries and IVR supports the idea by acting as a systematic support system for the customer service team. It reduces the lag time that your customer spends while waiting for an agent or expecting an email response. Let’s find out how does IVR impact the entire Customer Service Experience for customers?

What Is IVR?

It is an automated phone system that is embedded with call routing capabilities that better serves the customers. Interactive Voice Response System facilitates the customers to interact with a computer instead of a human representative. It uses voice and button suggestions to help customers make their selections. This technology works alongside a human assistant and manages volumes of calls and resolving customer queries.

In contrast to the traditional IVR systems, advanced IVR Systems use NLP I.e., is voice recognition technology to converse freely and take commands from the customer to generate the desired result. A sophisticated way of addressing doubts and inquiries.

How IVR is redefining the customer service experience for Customers?

1. Efficient Customer Service

Designing a quick and coherent structure for Customer Service is crucial to address particular concerns of a customer. Interactive Voice Response systems help you attend to your customers systematically. The system understands the intent of the call and redirects to the specific department or a concerned executive responsible for the specific inquiry. This saves time for you and your customer simultaneously.

2. Personalized Customer Interaction

In the digital era, a little touch of personalization is essential to connect to your customers. IVR Solutions help you to not just automate the entire process but also allows a touch of personalization in the form of customized recorded messages and greetings to the caller.

3. Automate Customer Support

According to sources, over 70% of customers get ‘extremely frustrated’ waiting on hold. Thus, IVR allows the customer to either find a solution to their problem by interacting with the system or make a decision to talk to an agent directly, focusing on a customer-centric approach minus the latencies. It also provides time for the agent to prepare for the customer query, right on time.

4. Manage high call Volumes

IVR solutions support companies to effortlessly handle high call volumes. Through this, customer inbound calls will immediately be directed to a specific agent or department which is apt in meeting the needs of the individual. This avoids unnecessary waiting queues to talk to agents and manually transfer calls to various departments. It also reduces the resource cost for businesses.

5. Prioritizing High-Value Customer

The Advanced IVR System interacts with callers and gathers information. Based on the kind and urgency of the issue, routes the call to agents and executives, thus creating a priority basis, high-value queue. Customers are assured that they can access the company support team 24/7 and get their queries resolved. This can help to ease the volume of calls on agents as well as satisfy the customer.

So, to answer the question, yes IVR Systems are capable of not just improving but supporting your customer service team to deliver better. Your business needs to change, adjusting to the expectations and needs of your targeted customers. There is no sure way to improve the customer service experience of our customers. However, making needful alterations in how you approach them before, during and after you make a sale, makes a huge difference.

We at ORAI Robotics understand that every business is unique and it must have a unique approach to reach and retain customers. Bringing in conversational ai for customer service is an ideal solution for you to automate operational workflows and improve the quality of service. Increase brand loyalty and recognition with the Interactive Voice Recognition system and other multitudinous channels integrated with CRM to offer an omnichannel experience. Create an easy and engaging ecosystem along with your customers with conversational AI and IVR to equip your team with the best.

To know more about Conversation AI and implement hyper-automation across various platforms, Know More or experience our IVR by connecting to +91 8660161319.

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CEO-ORAI Robotics

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