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Multiply Sales Performance with Voice AI Assistant: 7 Factors You Can’t Overlook

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Voice Assistance for Business : 7 Factors You Can’t Overlook

How to make your business presence engaging and interactive online?

Try answering this question with Voice Assistant!

Let’s have a quick example to understand how the next age business will work with voice assistant:

Mr. James owns a Google phone and wants to enquire about ORAI Robotics, a conversational AI platform for sales and marketing. He wants to know how ORAI can help in increasing sales with AI. Such a conversation would go like this-

Google Assistant connecting customer with ORAI Robotic AI chatbot using Voice assistance

This is how a Voice AI can continue interacting with a potential lead to ultimately qualify it.

These days, customers look for the easiest way possible to gather relevant information. Generally, businesses use a website to engage customers, which includes images, text, figures, and facts. But more often, visitors come with a set requirement in mind and wish to avoid too much information. Hence, it becomes a must for you to enable a way for visitors to get the required information with convenience.

Honestly speaking, you can’t make instant information exchange possible just with a website. Information is usually segregated for easy consumption. Still, visitors find it hectic and monotonous to spend time finding the data they are looking for at a moment.

So, what should be that one feature you can add to amplify your entire digital presence?

Intelligent Voice Assistant – Benefits of Being A Futuristic Business

Voice assistant technology can resolve all your problems. It can take care of customer queries in a personalized and efficient manner. Ultimately, these intelligent conversations lead to sales conversions faster.

Importance of voice assistant:

An AI-powered voice assistant serves as a virtual guide- greeting visitors and helping them find the needed information faster. It creates a respectful and personalized experience, as customers expect whenever interacting with a business. It fuels your sales and marketing efforts with customer engagement, which leads to conversions.

7 Factors You Need in a Voice Assistant for Business

When it comes to voice assistant adoption, these are the factors you can’t overlook:

1. Voice and Chat Proportion

The right balance of chat and voice will give your business the desired success. Too much voice can irritate visitors sometimes. Hence, it should cover the very important and specific parts only. Such a blend would allow customers to choose how they want to communicate with your brand.

2. Voice Assistant’s Name

Your voice assistant’s name will be an extension of your brand. People will associate your brand with your voice assistant. So, it must have a name aligned with your brand positioning. This might seem like a tiny factor, but it goes a long way in establishing brand awareness.

3. First Prompt

The first prompt plays a vital role in the quality of conversation between your voice assistant and a customer. So, you should consider this as important as your assistant’s name. The initiation of a conversation should give a feeling that the virtual assistant is there to serve and help. It should be about giving value to customers and giving them what they want with no questions asked.

4. Polite and Friendly Behavior

You treat your customers with politeness whenever you meet them in person. The same is required when your voice assistant engages them on a digital platform. You need to ensure that your voice-enabled assistant holds the power to understand human intent and emotions while talking. This would be possible with intelligent voice bots powered by technologies like AI, ML, and NLP.

5. Interactive UI

Customers experience and judge the UI during their interaction with a voice assistant. It must be simple to use. The users shouldn’t have to do too much work to get the required information. A good quality voice UI should be intuitive and interactive when it comes to engaging the crowd.

6. Multiple Languages

If you want your customers to fall in love with your brand, multiple language ability is a must. This will provide the most comfortable and lively scenario for customers to engage with your business. Plus, you will get to interact with customers from different geographies, which enables business scalability..

7. Device Capabilities

With every consumer using multiple devices, it is of utmost importance that your voice AI is accessible through Android devices, iPhones, laptops, in-car speakers, and various non-display devices as well.


You need these 7 factors checked before choosing your enterprise voice assistant platform. ORAI is where you can get them all to increase your online conversations and conversions as well. Call now to find out more or book a FREE DEMO to explore multiple use cases.

Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics


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