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ORAI Robotics gifts Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as a token of appreciation to all employees.

ORAI image showing a blue background with logo and NFT written.
ORAI Robotics gifts NFTs to employees

Yesterday, (March 15, 2022) we gave non-fungible Tokens (NFT) as a gift to all our 50+ employees.

ORAI recently released its first NFT collection of the generation for employees titled ‘ORAI Upbeat’

The ORAI Upbeat collection is comprised of 500 exclusive NFT collectables, which are specially created for employees and other key users.

The NFTs were validated and then transferred to employees using an electronic wallet. The creation of this wallet each employee was assisted by ORAI.

Each of these collectables represents optimistic, cheerful, and happy robots that are designed to create encouraging engagement in the up-and-coming world of metaverse.

While the ideation for this project was done in-house, ORAI Robotics also collaborated with Meta9corp to make this first-of-its-kind project successful.

Why NFTs and why now

The idea to gift NFTs to employees originated from the CEO and co-founder of ORAI, Swapnil Jain.

While he is working towards building ORAI’s formidable AI engine, Swapnil also has a special interest in web3 technology such as blockchain, crypto and NFTs. Today, NFTs are one of the fastest-growing asset classes popular amongst individuals. As a business leader, he started thinking about how he could use NFTs in the corporate domain.

After doing extensive research and ideation with like-minded people, he found an opportunity to be a pioneer – something that he aspires ORAI to represent as well.

He took this opportunity to become one of the first companies to create an NFT use case in a corporate environment.

The current generation sees the value in NFTs. Swapnil, and ORAI, saw this as a perfect time to share this asset with our employees.

While announcing this initiative, Swapnil said, "We at ORAI Robotics wanted to introduce an innovative and unique method to express our gratitude to our employees for making this company great. This is precisely the reason we came up with and created numerous unique collectibles in the form of NFTs in the name of ‘UpBeat,’ and then offered one NFT from the collection for each employee."

No cost NFTs

There is no cost to the NFT provided to the employees. Once it goes into their account, it’s up to them to use it the way they wish to.

ORAI Upbeat NFT owners can either store or flaunt their NFTs as a medal, badge of honour or certificate, or they can trade and transfer these NFTs to capitalize and earn from them.

Option to Buy Back

ORAI will also offer an option for buybacks to employees. They can earn revenue from NFTs by offering them the NFTs returned to their company following a specified period, based on specific rules and regulations.

In addition, we will offer the opportunity to access various training and conferences that are related to conversational AI, training, and development of skills, as well as other related training to employees who have the NFTs.

Future rewards

We also have plans to recognize the achievements of our employees through NFTs, making NFT an integral part of the company's DNA.

Soon, for instance, we will be able to announce that whenever an employee completes one year with ORAI, they will receive an NFT airdrop to their wallet. In the same way, the employees who reach their 2nd 3, 4th, or fifth-year marks in the business will receive different NFTs from our collection.

We also plan to give free NFTs to our customers, partners, and other important stakeholders in the business.

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