What Is WhatsApp Drip Campaign And How To Use It- The Ultimate Drip Marketing Guide

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

emails for drip marketing have been for a long time but, it has gone down over the years. Now its time to moved on to new modes of communication i.e WhatsApp
WhatsApp Drip Campaign

Both small and large organizations have been using emails for drip marketing for a long time. But, no one can deny the fact that the impact of a drip campaign has gone down over the years. This is because people have moved on to new modes of communication and exchanging messages. Even the most professional and business-related conversations are happening on WhatsApp these days.

What is a WhatsApp Drip Campaign?

If you’re new to the term ‘Drip Campaign’, it is an automated process of sending personalized messages to your prospects and customers over a period to engage them for sales, promotion, branding, and relationship building.

Now here comes the industry’s most disruptive technology and opportunity to do drip campaign over whatsapp platform. The best advantage of these campaigns is its personalized approach. You get to send messages specific to individuals, based on their WhatsApp activity and persona. And, it all happens automatically after an initial setup process.

Chat on how Whatsapp Drip Campaign can be implemented

Simply put, WhatsApp drip campaigns are about giving correct information to your customers at the right moment. You can automate information broadcast in different content formats such as text messages, web page links, videos, or any other format that WhatsApp allows on its platform. Moreover, you can send personalized messages to every individual prospect, based on the sales stage of the customer. Every customer thinks differently due to his/her specific needs and perceptions. This is why these drip campaigns work best to assist every customer through the buying journey with personalized messages.

Email vs. WhatsApp: Drip Campaign Stats

Here’s a list of stats to help you understand why switching from emails to WhatsApp is a necessity for your business:

  • Click-through rate is 70% higher on WhatsApp than emails.

  • Audience is 50% more likely to respond to WhatsApp messages than emails.

  • Sales closure increases by 20% when you move drip campaigns to WhatsApp from emails.

  • Messages are read within 3 seconds only on WhatsApp, which is 25% higher than emails.

  • Sales funnel grows by 60% on WhatsApp as compared to emails.

  • Cost and manpower reduce by up to 98% with WhatsApp drip campaigns.

SMS vs. WhatsApp: Drip Campaign Stats

Here’s a list of stats to help you understand why switching from SMS to WhatsApp is also a necessity for your business:

  • WhatsApp has 2 billion active users.

  • Having a conversation via SMS is costlier than WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption, making it highly safe and secure.

  • SMS requires manual replies while WhatsApp makes automated replies possible.

  • SMS can have only concise and short text messages, while WhatsApp allows media-rich broadcast.

  • SMS is usable only within business hours, while WhatsApp allows you to establish contact 24*7.

How to Use Drip Campaigns on WhatsApp?

Looking for result-driven drip campaign ideas!

WhatsApp drip marketing includes a wide range of techniques used creatively with the power of automation. However, every WhatsApp strategy focuses on the same goal- keeping your existing and potential customers engaged around the conversation related to your products and/or services.

Below are all major types of drip campaigns you can run on WhatsApp to attain the same goal:

1. Nurturing your leads

Nurturing your leads  Whatsapp  Drip Campaign

Leads are your prospective customers who seem interested in your product or services. Some must be more interested than others, hence, you need to segment and prioritize leads for nurturing before sending them drip messages.

Nurturing is about sticking with your prospects and helping them with engaging information until they convert into sales. It can include product details, features of your product, a demonstration of your service, offering free trials, and other ways to nurture prospects with drip marketing.

2. Welcoming your customers/members

Welcoming your customers/members on Whatsapp using drip Campaign

You have successfully attracted customers or members to use your product or services regularly. But how do you ensure that these new customers find out all outstanding things about your product or services?!

This is when you’ll need welcome drip campaigns sent personally to customers via WhatsApp. You can send an 'intro' of your company along with the most popular products or services in brief. Also, send exciting trial or signup options to engage them.

3. Onboarding your customers

Onboarding your customers on Whatsapp using drip Campaign