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WhatsApp New Features in 2020: 4 Exciting Features You Should Lookout For

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Exciting WhatsApp New Feature 2020
WhatsApp New Feature 2020

WhatsApp is planning to test new features in 2020

Here’s a list of some of the most exciting features WhatsApp is planning to introduce soon!

1. Web Search

Web Search has already been rolled out in certain foreign countries. This was introduced to minimize the spread of fake news through WhatsApp. A special label is sent along with these messages showcasing that the messages have been forwarded too many times. Hence, it will be easier to detect which one is fake and which one is not. In addition, the app has set limits to how many times a message can be sent as forwards.

Along with that, such messages will come to users with an icon of “magnifying glass”. Using this icon, a user will be able to search the same news through the browser on his/her device.

2. Multi-Device Support

This is one of the best features that we’re highly anticipating! WhatsApp can now be open on multi-devices at one time. Even the chat history will sync on all those devices simultaneously to ensure that the user has a smooth experience throughout.

3. Expiring Messages

You don’t have to have a copy of your messages throughout your chat. WhatsApp has now enabled messages that expire within a certain time limit. The settings enable you to turn off the messages in 7 days once you set it. You can also customize it to last for a week, or even just one hour!

4. WhatsApp QR code

The platform is planning to enable users with the ability to scan QR codes to add new contacts. This will be similar to how users utilize Snap codes on Snapchat. Hence, this new method will remove the existing process, which requires users to remember the contact digits of a person in order to contact them via WhatsApp.

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