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Why So Many Education Institutions Are Adopting Conversational AI To Enhance Student Experience

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Benefits of having an ai chatbot in Education Industry and how it can Enhance Student Experience
Conversation AI in Education Sector

Conversational AI is gaining massive popularity in almost every sector in the today.One sector that is getting the best out of it is Education. There are different stages of student experience before, during, and after admissions where AI chatbots are bringing welcoming transformations.

But, before talking more about that, let’s help you understand what conversational AI actually is.

What are Conversational AI Bots?

Conversational AI chatbots are the new-age versions of traditional rule-based chatbots. Powered by ML, NLP, and AI technologies, these bots are capable of offering a human-like conversational experience. They serve as virtual agents, allowing higher education institutions to streamline student experience online.

While a rule-based chatbot can only answer simple, specific questions, conversational AI can understand complex queries. Plus, it can detect a user’s intent and emotions to give an appropriate reply. Hence, it becomes a competent virtual agent to help students through every stage of getting their education:

  • Searching for colleges

  • Searching for courses

  • Filling application forms

  • Submitting fees online

  • Getting a virtual visit to the college campus

  • Giving feedback and submitting a complaint

And much more!

Why Conversational AI is Gaining Popularity in the Education Sector?

Chatbots have been around for a while now. But universities and colleges have started inclining towards this technology due to two major reasons :-

1. An education chatbot has evolved with the advancements of AI, ML, and NLP for humanized, personalized interactions.

2. The new normal has made online student outreach a necessary requirement.

Hence, conversational AI now has the capability to deliver student experience like never before :-

1. Pre-Academia

When students are out there searching for colleges and courses online, an AI chatbot for school can help them understand and complete the following processes-

  • Admission

  • Marketing

  • Counseling

2. During-Academia

When students begin their academic journey, an AI chatbot for educational institutions can help to maintain and manage the quality of assistance they expect from a reputed institution.

  • Departments Information Assistance

  • Library Assistance

  • Medical Assistance

  • Sports Club Assistance

  • Financial Assistance

  • Emergency Assistance

  • Campus life Assistance

  • Induction / Orientation Assistance

  • Hostel Assistance

3. Post-Academia

The relationship between a college and its students lasts for a lifetime. Hence, you need a smart way to engage alumni from time to time. Which is why an AI chatbot for training institution should be used as-

  • Alumni Assistant

  • Reference Bot

  • Executive education Bot

4. AI in College/University Events

From organizing to managing events at your university or college, conversational AI can automate a wide range of procedures to reduce the hassle. You can leverage conversational AI for-

  • Academia Events

  • Admission Events

  • Student Events

  • Alumni Events

  • Placement Events

How Higher Education Institutes Are Leveraging AI-Powered Chatbots?

Let’s look closely at the benefits of chatbots in Education powered by AI for student experience.

1. To Improve Student Query Support

Students are young people who have a habit of using the latest technologies. They expect an instant response from institutions no matter what time they choose, or how simple or complex a query is.

Keeping that in mind, leaders in the education sector have started using AI chatbots for student query support 24*7. Conversational AI bots are creating an online counseling ecosystem helping students throughout the outreach, admission, and post-admission processes.

As higher education institutions need visibility on various digital channels, they are using omnichannel conversational AI to provide a unified student experience wherever they ask their queries. So, students can connect with a virtual assistant via websites, social media platforms, and messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

2. To Boost Academic Marketing and Admissions

Academic marketing with an AI-powered virtual assistant adds meaning to every engagement touchpoint. An advanced chatbot for college admissions optimizes all the marketing efforts conducted online. Universities and colleges use it to find potential students and help them make wise educational decisions with personalized, individual-specific conversations based on their preferences and intent.

Using an education chatbot on WhatsApp, institutions are running automated drip marketing campaigns personalized for every individual prospective student. Similarly, these bots are providing a 3-way conversation opportunity on the same platform for students, counselors, and virtual assistants.

3.To Use as a PR Asset

Apart from query support and academic marketing, higher education institutions are building their online reputation with conversational AI. They promote a friendly and fast medium of student engagement using an AI-powered virtual assistant.

Well-designed conversational AI is turning out to be a great asset for education institutions in building a good reputation, especially when student query volume is very high. Large colleges and universities are able to inform prospects about all different courses, admission processes, application filling procedures, on-campus assistance, and a lot more.

Key Takeaways!

With such rapid growth in AI chatbot popularity, it is becoming the new channel of communication for universities, colleges, and other higher education institutions.

So, are you prepared to tackle student demands and market competition using the finest conversational AI tech?!

ORAI is considered one of the best chatbots for higher education powered by artificial intelligence. Our clients in the education sector are getting 380% increase in their student conversion ratio.

We’d be delighted to tell you about our conversational AI via a FREE DEMO. Get in touch today!

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