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WhatsApp Conversational AI
The Ultimate Key to Digital
Transformation and Customer Experience   

September 25, 2021 | 11:30 Am ist

That's the precision required to Succeed!  


Investing on being Economical, generating Quality Leads with convenience and flexibility are a few of the major pillars that are being adopted by Automobile dealers to structure an Automated Ecosystem for its audience. Providing the best, real-time experience to engage its customers over Conversational AI and Messenger Apps. 

However, how should the framework withstand the existing hurdles to achieve the most out of WhatsApp Conversational AI? Let's find out in the upcoming online conference from the adopters of WhatsApp Conversational AI strategies. 

Takeaways from the Webinar 

  • Conversational AI benefits in New Sales, Service, POC, Insurance, etc. 

  • Acknowledging the Conversational AI-based business models to make informed decisions to drive your marketing and sales

  • Learn about the benefits of a verified WhatsApp Business Account that connects businesses with their potential customers and how to filter leads through OTP Service 

  • Understand your customer’s intent and deliver accurate solutions with Lead Qualification

  • Unravel the true potential of your business with optimal data collection and analysis 

Who should Attend the Webinar?

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Decision Makers

President, MD -Managing Director, CEO, COO (Operating Officer)


Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Partner Manager


Vice President, AVP– Sales, Marketing, General Manager– Sales, Marketing, Director Sales and Marketing 

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