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The secret of Lead Conversions with "WhatsApp-Driven" Automated Marketing: 

The Invincible Digital Assistant

That's the precision required to Succeed !  


May 02, 2020 | 4:30 pm ist

The lead gen tactics that work for your company now, may not work always. That’s due to the changing landscape of marketing and technology. As you know, you need to generate leads for sales/admissions. While getting a prospect visit to your website or a contact from a potential customer is great, but those visits and contacts don’t mean much if you don’t provide instant support to turn them into new customers.

Today, most businesses face the following problems with Traditional Marketing:  

  • Failure to build customer relationships

  • No timely and instantaneous response

  • Poor quality of leads

This is exactly where instantaneous conversational marketing comes into the picture. To achieve success, companies/businesses need a constant flow of leads coming into their sales funnel and a way to quickly and efficiently qualify those leads. 

Why should businesses adopt conversational marketing? 

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• Provides valuable insights about customers 
• Provides enhanced customer experience 
• Allows to engage, qualify and autogenerate more leads 

When a typical sales cycle can last from 6-12 months, there’s no time to spend on leads that are unlikely to convert. The basic principle of conversational marketing is to bypass mediums of one-way communication and engage the customer in meaningful two-way communication by leveraging real-time conversation to provide an authentic experience and real value for your consumers. When we talk about conversations and messaging, the first and foremost thing which comes into our heads is an instant messaging app called WhatsApp. It is one of the most popular messaging apps in existence and one of the most active mobile apps overall.Last year, WhatsApp crossed the mark of 1.5 billion users who were active monthly.  

Why is WhatsApp the best medium for conversational marketing?

• The most popularly used messaging platform globally.
• Offers accurate delivery information, allowing business leaders to know the messages that get delivered and read by the users.

• End-to-end encryption  

Lead capturing strategies using WhatsApp are created to acquire potential customers. WhatsApp is considered a major tool to offer customer support, inform business offers, share helpful content and more. This allows businesses to interact with prospects where they are most comfortable.

Along with that, there is a surge of automation in the world of business. Empowering WhatsApp with an AI-powered virtual assistant is something every business leader wants to enhance query support, boost sales, build relationships with customers, and optimize time and marketing resources and build better customer relationships. 

Here are the top 3 takeaways if you attend this webinar:

• Learn the tricks of the trade with WhatsApp driven automated marketing to multiply your sales and admission conversions extensively
• Get to know the magnificent potential of WhatsApp Business Account to connect businesses with their customers
• How implementing a virtual digital assistant serve as a magic wand in auto qualifying your leads

• David Wing, a renowned B2B Influencer Marketing Expert from Brazil, South America taking you into the future of Conversational Marketing and Automation with WhatsApp Business API

In this webinar, we show you how WhatsApp has driven automated conversational marketing converts leads to sales like a charm! 

Who should attend this webinar? 
• Entrepreneurs, CEO, CXO, Startup Founders

• GM/Director/Manager:  Marketing, Admissions, Sales, Digital Marketing, Branding and HR Professionals

• Technology Geeks


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The Secret of Lead Conversions with "WhatsApp-Driven" Automated Marketing: The Invincible Digital Assistant

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