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How to automate WhatsApp marketing with AI chatbot- The modern marketing strategy

Conversational digital Ads for customer experience (CX) start here. This webinar will help you with a quick understanding of how you can use ORAI as a platform to build an automated and qualified Lead funnel using Conversational AI-driven WhatsApp API Marketing.

Are you looking to:

Build an automated qualified lead and create a validated, efficient, optimized Marketing &              Sales Funnel in just a few minutes

Understand the difference between WA marketing without an AI chatbot VS with an AI chatbot 

Explore wider interfaces for planning and executing your customer engagement

Connect with your customers at every touchpoint on their favorite app (WhatsApp) using                Conversational AI Marketing

Find industry use cases, case studies, and much more

If the answer is Yes, Attend this Webinar today.

Remember, you don’t need to be a techie to gain valuable insights from this

webinar. Make sure to attend today.

Presented by:

Dheeraj Tiwari.jpeg

Dheeraj Tiwari has extensive marketing experience to provide tips and insights to businesses looking for a Conversational AI-Driven Marketing Experience using Omni Channel Platforms.

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