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Amplify Your Marketing Performance via
Automated Audience Engagement on
    WhatsApp Business API and    Voice AI


"Every business should have a voice!" 


May 16, 2020 | 11 am ist

Voice AI Technology is taking customer experience to its brighter future. It is upgrading the mode of communication between users and businesses. Today, voice-enabled chatbots come with the power of artificial intelligence, offering a humanized way of interacting with humans.

According to ComScore, next year 50% of all online searches will be performed with voice search. Enterprises can leverage voice assistants in various ways. Along with improved customer support, voice assistants have now been accepted as a valuable asset in administrative activities. Whether it is reading emails out loud, setting alarms and other functions, voice bots are changing workplaces around the world.

These voice assistants are capable of assisting through voice. In terms of usage, voice bots are there in the market and 47% of consumers use voice search gadgets at least one time every day. More and more features and innovative voice recognition advancements are improving service quality and accuracy. Hence, consumers are preferring voice engagement on a higher scale every day.


Alexa and Google Assistant can now join your workforce by helping other employees and starting a dialogue with your customers. 

Why do businesses need to consider Voice AI? 

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 • Informal, intuitive and immediate
 • Natural seamless flow to process
 • Increased quality of customer engagement

 • No human physical touch required 

ORAI Voice Virtual Assistant can also help you enable high-frequency functions of your company such as: 

 • IT service desk

 • HR Benefits

 • Expense approvals

 • Booking facility

 • Directory assistance

 • Document search

At present, marketers are under constant pressure to do more with less; to increase sales and productivity with fewer resources and much less time. Automation has become a critical aspect of today’s successful marketing strategies as it can boost sales productivity by 14.5% on average, and reduce marketing costs by 12.2%. The ever-increasing number of platforms and channels mean customers are easier to reach than ever before and, as such, marketers are eager to implement cross-platform campaigns.

In order to run these campaigns and reach customers efficiently and effectively, businesses must push the capabilities of their marketing automation process which means businesses have to focus more on automated audience engagement so that they can:

• Focus more on high-level, business-critical activities of your marketing strategy
• Think creatively and strategically to produce a higher quality of customer messaging and other forms of content.
• Create the best-case scenario of more leads

• Achieve better productivity and more revenue 

Most businesses work 8-12 hours a day. So while you may only be available from nine-to-five, your customers will interact with you based on their convenience. 

Generating revenue opportunities to these customers are lost. A business loses 2/3rd of potential exposure and revenue by limiting its customer engagement to 8 hours per day.

Enabling two way automated messaging can solve this issue and your leads will never be lost when you aren't working.  

• Dedicate more time to focus on business-critical, high-level aspects of marketing strategy 
• Think strategically and be more creative, producing higher quality content and customer messaging
• Create the best-case scenario of more leads

• Achieve better productivity and more revenue 


WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we communicate. With over 1.5 billion users around the globe and 60 billion messages sent a day. It’s no surprise that the business world has been looking forward to engaging customers with a global, user-friendly and rich medium like WhatsApp. 

WhatsApp, which is the undisputed leader in the messaging app market helps businesses to engage with billions of potential prospects. 

Using WhatsApp Business Powered by ORAI AI Chatbot, your business can indulge in two way automated communication round the clock without any human intervention.  

What can you do with the WhatsApp Business API? 

 • Scale up engagement rate
 • Convert more leads
 • Send personalized messages

 • Send contextual messages automatically

 • Enhance customer service round the clock

Here are the top 3 takeaways if you attend this webinar: 


 1. Deep dive into the cutting-edge technology available to enhance sales revenue, save time, optimize marketing resources and build better customer relationships. 


 2. Understand the unrealized potential of WhatsApp automated audience           engagement to connect with prospects and convert them into customers 


 3. Tips and tricks to generate massive marketing ROI with the power of Artificial     Intelligence and VOICE 

Who should attend this webinar? 
 • Entrepreneurs, CEO, CXO, Startup Founders

 • GM/Director/Manager:  Marketing, Admissions, Sales, Digital Marketing, Branding        and HR Professionals

 • Technology Geeks


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Amplify Your Marketing Performance via Automated Audience Engagement on WhatsApp Business API and Voice AI

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