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"Every business should have a voice!" 


May 16, 2020 | 11 am ist

Voice AI Technology is taking customer experience to its brighter future. It is upgrading the mode of communication between users and businesses. Today, voice-enabled chatbots come with the power of artificial intelligence, offering a humanized way of interacting with humans.

According to ComScore, next year 50% of all online searches will be performed with voice search. Enterprises can leverage voice assistants in various ways. Along with improved customer support, voice assistants have now been accepted as a valuable asset in administrative activities. Whether it is reading emails out loud, setting alarms and other functions, voice bots are changing workplaces around the world.

These voice assistants are capable of assisting through voice. In terms of usage, voice bots are there in the market and 47% of consumers use voice search gadgets at least one time every day. More and more features and innovative voice recognition advancements are improving service quality and accuracy. Hence, consumers are preferring voice engagement on a higher scale every day.


Alexa and Google Assistant can now join your workforce by helping other employees and starting a dialogue with your customers. 

Why do businesses need to consider Voice AI? 

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 • Informal, intuitive and immediate
 • Natural seamless flow to process
 • Increased quality of customer engagement

 • No human physical touch required