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[Webinar Announcement]
Conversational AI On

WhatsApp  For

Sales & Marketing


ORAI Robotics to Look at WhatsApp Conversational AI for Sales & Digital Marketing Performance at Upcoming Webinar

“Top 5 Trends on How WhatsApp Conversational AI Is Elevating Sales And Digital Marketing Performance”

5 November 2020
at 3:30 PM IST 

ORAI Robotics, the leading conversational AI platform for performance amplification, announced a webinar today. Co-founders Swapnil Jain and Sujit Das Biswas will be deep-diving into the conversational AI trends that are dictating sales and digital marketing performance in the market. They will also be joined by Dr. M. P. Shyam, MD at Akshaya Motors and Mr. Suraj Dodeja, Director at Vashi Electricals Private Limited as our eminent speaker for the virtual event.

“Messaging platforms and artificial intelligence have grown simultaneously in the digital space. You can even say that AI has brought advancements to messaging platforms. With WhatsApp being the world's most used messenger app, today modern businesses are integrating their marketing and sales efforts with extensive WhatsApp conversational AI solutions.” says Swapnil Jain, Founder, and CEO of ORAI Robotics.

Eminent  SPEAKER


Dr. M.P. Shyam 

MD Akshaya Motors 

President FADA , Karnataka 


Mr. Suraj Dodeja


Vashi Electricals Private Limited 

Industry Experts 


Mr. Swapnil Jain

CEO ORAI Robotics 


Mr. Sujit Das Biswas 

CTO ORAI Robotics 

During this virtual conference, Swapnil and Sujit will explore how AI technology is rapidly changing how customers across the globe interact with businesses. They’ll discuss various challenges and issues organizations face in providing satisfactory customer service and obtaining leads consistently through sales and marketing efforts online. Also, how a humanlike, intelligent conversational AI can empower digital presence on messenger platforms like WhatsApp- boosting marketing and sales outcomes for businesses.

With that mindset, they’ll be providing the plan, strategy, and roadmap on critical parameters like:

  1. Top 5 trends on how conversational AI is elevating sales and digital marketing performance.

  2. Why more than 40% of today's consumers are willing to accept deals and offers from AI Automation.

  3. What's making 83% of the customers to prefer automation for sales, support, and services.  

  4. How organizations are generating solid engagement with WhatsApp Business API's and Conversational AI platforms.

  5. How to reduce cost, optimize human resources and drive better sales.

Conversational AI to Drive Sales

and Amplify Market Penetration 

With so many people using social media and other digital platforms, now is the best time to connect them all with the conversational intelligence of AI-powered digital ads, chat, and voice support.

With messaging increasing on WhatsApp by 50% in just a few months, WhatsApp is the right place to market and sell your products and services.

Powered by conversational AI, a Verified WhatsApp account (Green Badge) can help businesses overcome three major challenges:

  • Marketing, selling, and notifying about a product/service automatically. 

  • Generating solid traction with prospect engagement, and understanding user sentiments.

  • Converting engaged prospects into customers and customers into loyal customers.

Here are 5 top impacts you’ll learn after attending this webinar

  1. How can you amplify your sales by implementing WhatsApp conversational AI omnichannel strategy?

  2. How to automate customer journey and engagement with WhatsApp drip campaigns.

  3. How to fulfill customer expectations with 24*7 business accessibility.

  4. AI-powered lead qualification and validation of customers’ intent.

  5. How to optimize digital ads based on customers' real-time interactions.

Who Should Attend this Webinar?

  1. Entrepreneurs, CEO, CXO, Startup Founders,  

  2. VP/GM/Director/Manager: Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing, Branding

  3. People with a minimum of 5 years of experience in sales, marketing, and technology

With eminent speakers from the field of Artificial Intelligence, Conversational AI, and Messenger Marketing, this webinar will provide attendees with immense insights on how modern businesses are benefiting from conversational AI today along with the top 5 trends they can expect to see in the future.


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