AI-Powered Chatbot for Lead Generation: Use Predictive Intelligence To Automate Lead Qualification

Orai Provides a perfect combination of lead generation strategy and an AI chatbot.

If you ask business owners, what their biggest challenge is in the digital world- the answer would be related to capturing and qualifying leads without spending too much money.

While businesses didn’t know how to automate lead generation before, Artificial Intelligence or AI has made things clearer now. The whole process of marketing and sales can be automated using an AI-powered chatbot for lead generation. And, that’s because of the quality of support it provides to your existing and potential customers.

It’s simple, if you want to understand a chatbot’s importance for lead generation, you need to understand what it does to support your customers :

understand the evolution of customer support with chatbot’s importance for lead generation

AI chatbots or Conversational AI bots deliver more than query support in terms of sales conversions. You will find out all about that right here in this post.

Why do You Need an AI-Powered Lead Generation Chatbot?

With the right conversational AI platform, your business can improve customer experience, marketing, customer support, and sales altogether. Bots enhance operational efficiency and increase cost savings. That too, with higher satisfaction delivered to customers.

The benefits of deploying an AI chatbot for business are:

1. Sales Conversion Automation

You can ensure sales funnel automation with conversational AI to prequalify captured leads in real-time. The quality of leads can then help to prioritize them for nurturing. This instant validation of leads increases the chances of conversions.

2. ROI Improvement

Businesses will save about $8 billion every year with chatbot deployment by 2022 – that's what recent research says.

Bots increase business opportunities with humanized, intent-based conversational experiences. Investing in them makes a huge difference in the overall quality of your customer service, marketing, and sales communication online.

3. 24*7*365 Availability

A conversational AI platform can stay active day and night to give immediate answers and engage customers. This way, you can ensure that all sales queries are resolved along with lead assessment and validation 24*7. AI bots identify and remember the preferences, intent, and behaviors of every customer, which amplifies the process of lead nurturing.

How to Leverage an AI Chatbot for Lead Generation and Qualification?

A perfect combination of lead generation strategy and an AI chatbot technology can open all gates of high-quality leads for your business. So, let’s discuss how you can build and deploy the best lead generation chatbot for exceptional results:

1. Understand Customers on a Deeper Level

Having a strong interaction is possible only when you understand a person. Similarly, if you want to communicate with your customers as a brand, it is important to understand them. This means you need to know their needs and interests on a personal level.

Integrating an omnichannel conversational AI bot can help you understand prospects on a deeper level. Plus, it can segment audiences and give valuable insights for your lead generation campaign strategy.

  • Conversational AI identifies the likes, dislikes, interests, and emotions of users to provide a more engaging conversational experience, which results in a greater number of leads.

  • You can use bots to conduct engaging surveys without boring your audiences with lengthy Q&A forms.

  • An AI-powered bot can flexibly modify its answers based on demographics, gender, interests, occupation, age, and other insights it gathers in real-time.

2. Segment Customers Smartly