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An Ultimate Guide to Understanding WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Verification

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Any medium that reaches and attracts masses is a potential platform to reach new consumers and retain old ones. However, the key is effective and useful communication. With the increasing use of WhatsApp as a messaging platform, Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, decided to monetize it by introducing WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API.

Brands must go where customers are!

Enormous customer base, increasing message opening and reading rate, ease of use, and end to end encryption on WhatsApp are some of the most useful features that attracted enterprises to opt for the business version. Availability of WhatsApp on computers through WhatsApp Web and ease of CRM integration on the portal together have brought a massive change in the business marketing domain. Let us find out the differences and details that’ll help you get a few steps closer to your consumers digitally.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business allows enterprises to be present on the Most Popular Messaging App in the world that has more than 2 billion active users. With the size and reach of a business, the strategy to use platform changes, given the fact that target audience, product, service, and location all cater to a specific buyer’s persona. Hence, based on the needs and size of an enterprise, WhatsApp business accounts are categorised into:

WhatsApp Business is made for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that allows automated messages, product listing, and message categorisation easy. It also allows the customer to reach a brand easily and allows the brand to cater to customer needs quickly. But given the wide reach, usability, the green verification badge that authenticates your business, and the chatbot features, we’ll discuss WhatsApp Business API in detail.

What is WhatsApp Business API?

Similar to our regular WhatsApp conversations, WhatsApp Business API facilitates communication between a brand and a customer. WhatsApp Business API caters specifically to large enterprises with large customer database and large messaging volume. It is a massive shift from regular mails and messages to an app-based service that is efficient and has high ROI compared to other services.

WhatsApp Business API has 3 Major Uses in the Business:

1. To stay connected with the customer round the clock

2. To send automated messages, reminders, and notifications

3. To get a verified green badge, ensuring a branded presence on WhatsApp

The major difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API is the facility of automation and AI integration in the latter!

Here are 8 Benefits of WhatsApp Business API:

  1. Helps create a better connection with the new and existing customers through an interactive conversation, which is a roadblock in email and SMS services

  2. Two-factor authentication gives a verified badge that ensures that every message you send, will appear with your brand name with a green badge in the front. WhatsApp verification also confirms the authenticity of the brand, creating trust and loyalty

  3. Message templates and push notifications help stay connected with the users at all times. Notifications and reminders can be sent directly to the customers, helping them stay connected with the brand

  4. End-to-end encryption ensures complete data protection on both brands’ and customers' sides. This allows easy and trustworthy communication between both the parties

  5. Allows easy solution to consumer queries thus upscaling the quality of service

  6. Individual, as well as automated customer support, helps resolve all the consumer queries thus creating a refined brand loyalty

  7. With a nominal cost of 35 paise for the first message, all the subsequent conversational messages with the customer are free of cost for the next 24 hours

  8. Provides the liberty of integrating a technical interface for connecting to CRM systems, which makes it easier to track the customer’s conversion journey

But there is more. With automation and technology, there is always a scope for something better.

We present to you OSHI, a robotic virtual assistant by the conversational AI platform ORAI, which will help you integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning in your WhatsApp Business API. An AI-based WhatsApp chatbot that will transform the way businesses function.

Click Here to know how you can do so much more by integrating ORAI on your business profile and make the most use out of it.

To know more, visit our website or call +91 8660161319 today! You can also reach out to us at Swapnil Jain

CEO-ORAI Robotics

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