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[Award Announcement]: IIT Delhi Alumni Association Rewards ORAI For Amplifying Business Performance

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI is 1st RUNNER-UP at YCC 2020 Future Stars Start-Up Competition
ORAI is 1st RUNNER-UP at YCC 2020 Future Stars Start-Up Competition

“Startups are folks who dare to dream big.”

Swapnil Jain

Co-Founder CEO, ORAI

ORAI happily announces that we have received the 1st Runner-up award at YCC 2020 Future Stars – Startup Competition curated by IIT Delhi Alumni Association. We were recognized by a prominent jury of investment bankers and angel fund owners/managers for helping our clients bring massive improvements in customer experience and driving double-digit sales conversions.

The event finale took place on 15th Aug 2020 with 12 startups from various industries competing with each other. ORAI stood out in the competition through its path-breaking Futuristic Innovation, Scalable Potential, for being a Global Product, and its sustainable and recession-proof business model.

I still remember my initial days of entrepreneurship, when I & Sujit used to talk about changing the way customers are approached and engaged online by businesses. I & Sujit started our company with a mission to make Conversational AI achievable for every business that has a digital print and wants to grow engagement and sales online. And, I am proud to claim that we have successfully achieved that and continuing to grow. We are dedicated to deploying, implementing, and maintaining omnichannel conversational AI presence for businesses nationwide.

We give free demos to customers from different industries, helping them understand why they need Conversational AI integrated on WhatsApp and other digital channels. We are there for every client 24*7, ensuring smart implementation and usage of ORAI for customer engagement, lead generation, and sales conversions. Our clients are enjoying the fruits of our tech enablement in various industries like Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Automobile, and more.

At ORAI, we nurture businesses with the power of humanized Conversational AI. The lead data collected and filtered by our AI Chatbot makes customer behavior predictable, which results in double-digit growth in sales conversions.

While the industry standard is 5%, our clients are experiencing 24% conversions after ORAI’s integration on WhatsApp, Website, and other digital touchpoints.

The ability to automate customer experience in a humanized manner will decide the long-term brand survival, customer loyalty, and market reach for all kinds of business models. ORAI is already fueling the marketing & customer cycle engines of organizations with innovative AI Chatbot solutions and features.

I thank Gopalakrishnan Ramchandran for his mentorship, wisdom, and motivation. We will keep on turning to him for guidance to complete the long road ahead! At ORAI, we always consider customers’ sales growth as our ultimate award and success, and getting recognized at this competition is just another acknowledgement of our strong will and growing abilities.

Congratulations to the whole ORAI team that works day and night to ensure our clients' satisfaction. I personally want to thank our customers for trusting us, which gives us the energy to work harder every day.

Continuous growth in your marketing & sales performance is the award we look for!


Swapnil Jain | Co-Founder CEO at ORAI

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About YCC 2020 Future Stars – Startup Competition

IIT Delhi Alumni Association (IITDAA) curated this national-level competition among startups with Youth Career Connect 2020 (YCC 2020). The participants were judged by prominent jury members for their industry connect, tech innovation, and impact on society. The aim was to find future startup stars who are combining entrepreneurship and innovation to support business creation, development, and economic growth in India.

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