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Customer Engagement in 2021: How Conversational AI can Help

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

ORAI's blog on Conversational AI for Customer Engagement
Conversational AI for Customer Engagement

How many of the customers coming to your business have been converted via digital channels?! If the numbers are very low, then, you haven’t been engaging prospective customers effectively.

The core issue lies in your traditional approach of engagement that includes phone calls, emails, SMSs, and static web pages.

That sort of marketing doesn’t work anymore!

Nowadays, customers want companies to respect their intelligence and time. They desire a conversational exchange, connection, and validation when asking their queries.

In a nutshell- they desire engagement.

What is Customer Engagement?

To redefine the relationship between customers and your business, you need customer engagement in your marketing strategy. It involves different ways of interacting with audiences to provide value, intending to build genuine relationships to ensure mutual trust and respect.

Customer Engagement Trends in 2021

  • Aiming towards personalization and omnichannel engagement

With more than 84% of marketing professionals using AI, this technology is bringing a real change in the market. Empowerment of engagement marketing with data insights is the new priority of today. Artificial intelligence is able to help businesses bring personalization into automated engagement with an omnichannel presence at the desired scale.

  • Improving engagement is a focus now

Marketing professionals around the world now consider engagement improvement a top priority. They plan to utilize an engagement strategy focused on customer experience enhancement.

  • Implementation of technologies that drive engagement

Approximately 50% of businesses worldwide have already invested or planning to invest in technologies that drive engagement. These technologies include planning, forecasting, and executing solutions. These investments will allow businesses to understand customer demands properly and stand firmly against communication challenges.

Why Adopt Conversational AI for Customer Engagement?

1. Customers crave instant information

Your prospective customers want valuable information given to them instantaneously throughout their decision-making stage.

2. Customers decide when to interact

Your prospective customers don’t want you to force them with brand conversations. They choose when to connect and interact at their convenience. You just have to be available whenever and wherever they want to engage.

3. Customers demand transparency

Because of today's hyperconnected, socially-driven world, customers can research product choices more efficiently. Your prospective customers wish to easily achieve clarity on everything from the product you have, as well as your prices, and other details.

4. Customers want all the answers instantly

You need to engage customers beyond generic queries. They have complex questions and want quick answers for them. Hence, there has to be a 365*24*7 smart AI-powered query support system in place to increase the number of sales you receive.

How ORAI can Help You Step into AI-Enabled Customer Engagement

Do you want the most successful way of incorporating AI-enabled engagement marketing for customers?! Then, ORAI’s AI Chatbot is the answer you have been looking for!

1. Top-notch customer assistance

ORAI's AI-Powered Virtual Assistant responds exactly like a real-life assistant in all possible conversational scenarios. Moreover, Our AI Chatbot is capable of asking questions to figure out problems and ensure an interactive communication experience for customers.

2. Query support 24*7

With ORAI, you can ensure 24/7 online query support. Our virtual assistant is capable of answering all generic and complex questions using advanced AI technology. Moreover, it can even connect customers with your human agents in real-time. We call this “3-Way Conversation between a customer, human agent, and virtual assistant.

3. Dynamic customer interaction

Not only ORAI helps you respond to customer queries, but it also allows conversation initiation from your side as well. You can launch drip campaigns through WhatsApp with ORAI, sending relevant resources to initiate conversations with customers.

4. Unified customer engagement

No matter what platform customers choose, ORAI keeps them engaged in a unified manner. This means that our virtual assistant remembers the names and preferences of your leads- even when they switch from website to social media to WhatsApp.

5. Lead generation and qualification

Combining query support with engagement marketing, ORAI becomes a perfect solution to gain qualified leads faster. Plus, it creates a list of qualified leads with added insights for your employees to take the conversations further for conversion.

Ready to Engage Your Customers in 2021?!

Come schedule a DEMO and expand the digital reach of your business. Or, chat with us over WhatsApp.

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